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Hot Tub pH: Find Out How To Bring The Water To Perfection

Discover a world of relaxation and pleasure in the hot tub with the right pH. In our article, you will learn how to properly balance the water so that your comfort will be at its best.
Hot Tub pH

Do you want to increase the comfort of using your hot tub, but do not know how to do it? Don’t worry, today we’re going to help you figure it out by telling you what hot tub pH is and how it can help balance your water to improve your recreation.

Are you really interested in what the pH level should be and how to measure it correctly? Then keep reading and you’ll get all your questions answered. And of course, we will tell you how to make an optimal aquatic environment for your safe bathing and recreation

What Is pH In A Hot Tub?

What Is pH in a Hot Tub

One of the most important indicators of the water balance is pH. It can be used to calculate the alkalinity and acidity of water. One of the most important indicators of the water balance is pH, thanks to it, you can understand what acidity and alkalinity are in your hot tub. The pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, the best value is 7 (this is the optimum level at which the water is considered safe and clean). If your pH value is less than 7, then your hot tub is acidic, and if it is above 7, it is alkaline

As we said before, you need to keep the pH level at 7 for the water to be disinfected. But since it is almost impossible to do so at 7, the optimal level is between 7.2 and 7.8. This range is slightly alkaline and ensures that the water is properly disinfected and maintains the right level of all chemicals. 

To understand exactly what the pH level of your hot tub is, you can use a special test strip. They help you correctly determine the alkalinity and acidity levels. But for the result to be correct, it is important to follow the instructions. 

Important: You can use special chemicals to balance the water correctly and without unnecessary conditions.

What Causes Low pH Levels In Hot Tubs?

The low level in the hot tub is very dangerous, and it’s important to understand that. It can lead to consequences such as metal corrosion, water balancing problems, and even health problems. But let’s go over everything in order. 

Example of a pH measurement scale
Example of a pH measurement scale

If your filters or pumps are failing quickly, corrosion is most likely the cause. In turn, rust is caused by low pH levels in spa.

Some users have also reported red eyes, irritation, and allergic reactions after taking a low pH hot tub.

Also, using a hot tub with the wrong pH is fraught with the fact that microorganisms and various bacteria can appear in the water. 

Let’s discuss what causes low pH in your hot tub:

โฌ‡๏ธ Adding acidic products: If you add too many acids to the water during treatment, it will cause the pH level to drop. To avoid this, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use accurate proportions. 

โฌ‡๏ธ Entry of foreign substances into the water: If you use oil or suntan lotion and don’t let the product soak in, it gets into the water and lowers the pH level significantly. Also, the dust and dirt that gets into the water can contaminate it. To avoid this, clean the water properly and regularly.

What Can Cause The pH Level In A Hot Tub To Rise?

What Can Cause the pH Level in a Hot Tub To Rise

It is important to understand that everything must be in balance, and a high pH level is also similar. It can cause scale to build up on the jets and other parts of your hot tub.

It is important to understand that everything must be in balance, and a high pH level is also similar. 

Some users have noted that high pH levels in spa can cause severe irritation and redness of the skin and eyes. 

In this case, the disinfection of your hot tub will not work properly, and you will not get perfectly clean and antibacterial water. 

So let’s take a closer look at what can cause a pH level to rise: 

โฌ†๏ธ The addition of alkaline substances: If you add a lot of alkaline substances to the water (baking soda or special salt), this will cause the pH level to rise. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to balance the water correctly. 

โฌ†๏ธ Using water with a high pH: If the water you initially use for filling has an incorrect pH, improper balancing will only make things worse. To avoid this, before adding chemicals, test with strips to see what the initial pH level is. 

Hot Tub pH

We think many people have a question, what is total alkalinity? Let’s try to figure it out. 

Total alkalinity is the way you dissolve and neutralize acids in water. 

Water chemistry is closely and directly related to pH and total alkalinity. Let’s take a closer look at their general aspects:

  1. Definition: These two concepts are very closely related, and we recommend monitoring and measuring them regularly. Because pH is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of water. From this, we understand that alkalinity is the content of its components in water.
  1. Changes in water components: pH and total alkalinity are two interrelated and interdependent elements. A change in one component directly affects the condition of the other. Total Alkalinity maintains the pH at the proper level (7.2-7.8). Total alkalinity, on the other hand, should be maintained at 80-120ppm, when alkalinity is at this optimum level, you should have no problem balancing the water. 
  2. Effect on water: If the alkalinity in the water increases, the pH level increases accordingly and vice versa. 
  3. State of the water: If the pH of the water increases or decreases, it directly affects the overall alkalinity of the water, and it also changes.
โ—๏ธ Important to remember:
It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully and use special protective equipment so as not to cause any harm. If you test and change the water in your device regularly, it will provide you with clean and sanitized water.

What Are The Dangers Of High And Low Alkalinity In A Hot Tub?

What Are the Dangers of High and Low Alkalinity in a Hot Tub?

High and low alkalinity are equally dangerous and have negative consequences. Let’s take a closer look at what this can lead to. 

  • Health hazard: If the alkalinity level is not adjusted correctly, it can be harmful to users. This is especially bad for the skin with irritation, itching, and redness. Some users also reported problems with eyes, such as conjunctivitis. 
  • The appearance of rust in the hot tub: If the alkalinity is reduced, it can cause corrosion of the metal elements (pumps, pipes, nozzles). This can lead to damage to the equipment and, as a consequence, to the failure of your hot tub. 
  • Problems with water purification: When the alkalinity in a hot tub is at the wrong level, it causes bacteria to appear and multiply. For example, high alkalinity can greatly weaken the effectiveness of chlorine and other products. It can lead to health problems such as dermatitis and an increased risk of infections. 
  • Recreational comfort:  If the water is not at a balanced level of alkalinity, vacationers may experience some discomfort. For example, an unpleasant odor and color of the water and, as a consequence, the appearance of bacteria which harmful to the human body. Also, improper alkalinity can cause turbidity and precipitation in the water.

As you can see, when the alkalinity is at the wrong level, it can have serious consequences not only for the hot tub but also for the health of the users. 

We also want to remind you of the importance of using a quality chemicals kit. We recommend that you study this article to understand which hot tub chemicals are really worth your attention and will help you get quality water treatment.

How To Raise Or Lower pH Level

How To Raise or Lower pH Level

We suggest you pay attention to the table in which we have collected all the effective tips for raising/lowering the pH level in your hot tub. 

How to raise the pH levelHow to lower the pH level
You should use alkaline products such as sodium hydroxide in pellets. It is crucial to follow the instructions so as not to harm your health. You should use acidic products such as aluminum sulfate. It is also important to remember the instructions and protective items (such as safety glasses, gloves, and a respirator).
Add water with a high pH level.Use a special apparatus for adjusting and lowering the pH in the water. They automatically maintain an optimal pH level by adding the right chemicals. 
Ensure proper and reliable ventilation (especially if the hot tub is indoors). It helps reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and the level of acidity in the water. Use partial water changes or filtration. It will help bring the pH level back to normal. 

Remember that it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and, if necessary, use protective equipment so as not to harm yourself. We also recommend that you use special ready-made chemical starter kits, with step-by-step instructions. 


Hot Tub pH

The hot tub is a unique place to relax and unwind. It must always remain clean, disinfected, and not harmful to the people who rest there. For this, it is very important to monitor the correct pH level in it. 

If the pH in the water is not correct, can occur problems such as poor water quality, rusting, and negative health effects. Check the quality of your water about once a month, this will give you confidence in its quality. 

โ—๏ธ A reminder:
Use all necessary chemicals to clean your hot tub. Then you will be able to properly balance the water and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the cleanliness and disinfection of your spa device.


โ“ How to balance the pH in a hot tub?

So, in order to get the pH level back to normal, you need to do the following steps. First, measure the pH level in the water using special test strips. Once you see the results, use a special alkaline solution. After that, the pH level should return to normal.

๐Ÿ› How do I lower the pH level of my water?

Use an acid product to lower the pH level. You can add granular aluminum sulfate to your hot tub water. But remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully.

๐ŸŠ Are there risks in bathing in a hot tub with elevated pH?

Swimming in a hot tub with a high pH is not recommended because it can cause negative health effects such as mucosal irritation and eye problems.

๐Ÿ” What causes hot tub pH to rise?

Most often, the pH level is raised by adding alkaline substances such as sodium hydroxide. Also, it can happen due to the use of hard water and improper cleaning.

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