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How To Clean Hot Tub Filters: Easy And Safe Methods [2024]

Don’t waste time looking for how to clean hot tub filters. We collected all the Peter Rossi’s advice to make your maintenance a no-brainer.
how to clean hot tub filters

There are a lot of instructions on how to clean hot tub filters on the Internet today. Some have a super effect, while others are dangerous to your filters. 

In this article, Peter Rossi, a hot tub professional, reveals his best tips. As a result, we collected all the information about hot tub filters. Further, we’ll explain their mission, the most popular cleaning methods, and which of them you should avoid so as not to harm your filters.

And, of course, we have uncovered everything about the frequency of cleaning and hot tub filter replacement. So get ready to become a hot tub pro.

Hot Tub Filter: What It Is And How Does It Work

Let’s explore the hot tub filters first. An understanding of their structure will facilitate the comprehension of our secrets. Since we’re going to reveal the connection between cleaning and replacement and the health of your hot tub water.

Water collects all the oils and dirt. Then it flows through hot tub filters and lets them collect everything. Clarified water comes back, leaving all the debris on the filters. Every chill session in clean, healthy, and well-balanced water is a partial job of hot tub filters. 

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how to clean hot tub filters

Does Cleaning Make Your Hot Tub Filter More Effective?

Cleanliness didn’t hurt anyone, right? You already know that dirty filters won’t collect all the oils and dirt from the hot tub water. As a result, your relaxation will turn into sitting in dirty, unhealthy, and unattractive water.

As we mentioned, stagnant dirty water will cause bacteria growth in your hot tub. Unfortunately, these are not the only problems. With dirty filters, the risk of damaging hot tub equipment is much higher. Not the best outcome, is it?

Your hot tub filters need to be in tip-top condition. In this state, they will not only increase the pleasure of your chill sessions but will make your hot tub last much longer. 

It seems that cleaning hot tub filters have only benefits. So let’s find out the most effective methods to clean them and if they have any cons.

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 how to clean hot tub filters

Have you already searched for how to clean hot tub filters? There are so many controversial pieces of advice, so they can make even us feel doubt. But fortunately, we bombarded Peter Rossi with questions to facilitate your maintenance. So, it’s time to figure out what methods are worth your attention.


Using bleach for a hot tub filter cleaning is one of the most popular pieces of advice. You may find using bleach for black-dirty filters a logical decision. Bleach, in its turn, is a very potent chemical. Yes, you may find a recommendation to dilute it with water, but it’ll still be too strong. 

Filters are made of soft fiber material that bleach can easily damage. We don’t recommend you experiment with this method, or you can try it on your old filter to see the results.


Another method is to put your hot tub filters into a dishwasher. It’s true, seems like a breeze. But the effortless approach is the only benefit here. You put ceramic, glass, and even metal dishes there. The filter’s material is not ready to get that water flow even if you add a spa filter cleaner there. Most likely, you’ll take it out damaged, which will cause a soon filter replacement.

Household Solutions

Even though you can clean almost everything with household solutions, applying them on filters is a bad idea. The problem is the hot tub filter’s fiber absorbs the solution well. No matter how hard you rinse your filters, it will stay in them. As a result, you will get a hot tub with more foam than water. So, investing in a hot tub filter cleaner is better than spending hours solving the foam issue.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

Do you want to know the best answer on how to clean hot tub filters? Sure, this is a cleaner. It has a special formula that won’t harm your filters. Also, it’s not as harsh as bleach or household solutions. 

There are two types of hot tub filter cleaners – instant and soaking. If you don’t want to wait too long, an instant solution is the right option. Before applying a cleaner, wash your filters to remove the big and easy-stuck debris. Now it’s time to spray your filters. Chemicals will do their job for 15-30 minutes. After that, you’ll need to nicely rinse your hot tub filters to wash the cleaner out.

Soaking, however, is more effective but also more time-consuming. You can do this by placing your filter in a bucket, adding a solution (according to the manufacturer’s instructions), waiting, and rinsing. Since it is a soaking cleaner, the chemicals will be able to get as deep as possible, so it’ll keel more bacteria.

📝 Tip:
Don’t take too long breaks between your relaxing session. Leave your filter for a night-long soak and rinse it in the morning.
Type of cleanerProsCons
Instant – Fast results
– Kills all the surface bacteria
– Lower chance of foaming
– Cleaning is not as deep
Soaking – Deep cleaning
– Durable effect
– May be time-consuming
– A need to rinse thoroughly to avoid foaming
how to clean hot tub filters

Rinsing With Water

Using your garden hose is an easy and available option. Water is completely safe and won’t harm your filters. The only issue is that you need a powerful water stream for deep and proper cleaning. If you have an opportunity, we recommend you invest in a nozzle that will better suit your filters. Such nozzles improve water flow and make it more effective for cleaning.

Rinsing with water


  • No equipment needed
  • No foam risk
  • Fast


  • Not deep cleaning
  • The quality depends on the water pressure
how to clean hot tub filters


Vinegar is a perfect ingredient for creating a homemade hot tub filter cleaner. This formula is not harmful as well. All you need to do is to dilute the vinegar with water. The proportions should be approximately 50/50. 

And as with filter cleaner, rinse first to remove the big debris. Then you’ll need to leave it overnight to soak and then rinse. After the rinsing, let your filters dry in the sun to get rid of the smell. But don’t cheat on it, since you don’t want your water to smell vinegar after, right?



  • Easy to make
  • Cheap
  • No foam risk


  • Cleaning is not as deep and effective as with cleaner
  • A need to rinse thoroughly to avoid a smell

How Often To Clean For The Best Results?

The frequency of filter cleaning depends on the method you’ll be using. 

Once a week is a perfect quantity for a hose hot tub filter cleaning. This will prevent bacteria from growing and getting deeper into the filter material. 

If you use an instant filter cleaner or vinegar, then your ideal schedule is once a month. As usual, wash filters to remove debris before applying a solution, spray (or submerge in the vinegar), wait, and rinse thoroughly to prevent foam and smell.

How often to clean hot tub filters with a soaking filter cleaner? Once 3–4 months is enough. Soaking it in this chemical solution helps kill even those bacteria growing there for a long time. And as with spray and vinegar, don’t forget to rinse, so you don’t run into a foam problem.

📝 Tip:
Do you lack motivation for a thorough rinsing? Imagine your filters are the last ones in the world!
how to clean hot tub filters

When and Why You Should Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

Unfortunately, you can’t clean your hot tub filters forever. But why and when should you replace them? We asked Peter Rossi these questions to clarify the case.

In general, the manufacturer states the time its filter will perform, so you can find it on the packaging. Replacing your hot tub filters once a year is an ideal frequency for maintaining healthy water.

Some circumstances, however, can make you do this earlier: 

  • Damages
  • Low effectiveness

Your filters may perform for only a few months, but if you see them having poor performance, it’ll be wise to replace them. You can find it out by noticing your water getting dirtier faster than usual. Or even worse, when it is dirty and stagnant. 

When you have regular hot tub filter cleanings, always check if they are fine. If you notice damages, replacement is necessary. Damaged filters will not perform as they should, so your water will turn into a bacteria environment.

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how to clean hot tub filters

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how awesome your hot tub is, but if it has dirty water, you won’t enjoy it anyway. So maintaining your spa in tip-top condition is an essential mission.

Hot tub expert Peter Rossi has shared all the fresh tips on how to clean hot tub filters with us, and we are glad to transfer this knowledge to you. We hope you’ll find this information useful and hustle-relieving. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods – hosing, spraying, soaking, and vinegar – to find what works better for you.


🌿 How Do You Clean a Hot Tub Filter Naturally?

You can make your filters shine without chemicals. Simply use a garden hose (and flosser) to rinse or soak them in diluted vinegar. We have guidance for both of them to help you find which one works better for you.

🧴 Can I Soak My Hot Tub Filter in Vinegar?

To get the best results cleaning hot tub filters with vinegar, you should dilute it with water. 50/50 proportions are fine. When the mixture is ready, let your filter soak in it overnight, rinse it thoroughly after, and let it dry to get rid of the smell.

🧹 Should I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

Bacteria growth and stagnant water are problems you can easily solve by cleaning hot tub filters. With dirty filters, your water becomes unattractive and unhealthy. Not only this, but it can even damage your hot tub equipment.

⏰ How Often Do You Need to Clean a Hot Tub Filter?

If you prefer rinsing your filter with water, then you should do it once a week. Using an instant cleaner or vinegar requires you to clean hot tub filters once a month. But if you have a soaking solution, having a cleaning session once 3 or 4 months will be enough.

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