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Take Care of Your Hot Tub Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide

Few words from Peter Rossi

“After over 10 years of designing hot tubs for Jacuzzi Group and my own practice, I do know how confusing hot tub installation, maintenance, and repair (hope you never need it) can be, how difficult it is to pick the right products and tools when hot tub manufacturers promote subpar items for crazy prices, and how incomprehensible the language in manuals can be.

So, my mission is to share knowledge and help hot tub owners make their experience unforgettable and hassle-free.”

Peter Emmanuel Rossi
Ex-designer at Jacuzzi Group,
Founder of ByRossi

Why do you definitely need a guide?

  • Save 200$ on chemicals every year.

    Get to know what chemicals and tools you ACTUALLY need and what are just marketing gimmicks.

  • Save 80 hours of your life googling.

    We have gathered all the info in one guide: from installation up to repair, we have thought of everything.

  • Save 10 000 nerve cells.

    No difficult chemical and physical terms, only clear info that is understandable even for a 5-year old.

  • Cut expenses on bills.

    Essential tips that every hot tub owner must know to keep the water warm and, at the same time, spend less money.

  • Prolong hot tub’s lifespan.

    On average, the hot tub starts to leak after the first 5 years of use; with proper maintenance, you can prolong its lifespan by 3 times.

  • Find the way from any dead-end.

    Leaks that seem to become a flood; different color of the water after numerous drainings, and nothing helped — dead-ends disappear at first glance with our tips.

What’s inside

From the moment you fell in love with the perfect hot tub and pressed the button “buy”, you need so many things to think over: how to deliver it safely, how to install it, how to take care of it; and these are only the first points that come into mind… Our guide will cover all these questions and more! 

Even if you are an experienced hot tub owner, we are sure you will find a lot of new tips that will enhance your hot tub experience. Take a look at the rundown of what we cover in the guide:

  • Deliver and install a hot tub properly.

    How is a 500-1000 pounds hot tub delivered without any damage? How should it be installed? There are things you must consider in order not to make mistakes from the very beginning. If you bought an inflatable hot tub — sorry to tell you, but this stage is not as easy as may seem at the first glance. There are some pitfalls you must be aware of.

  • Must know before maintaining a hot tub.

    There are things that you must be aware of and decide on to maintain the hot tub properly. One of them is a sanitizing system (chlorine or bromine), which we describe in detail in the guide to make your decision as easy as pie.

  • Maintain hot tub water.

    Water maintenance is one of the most important and most difficult parts of the hot tub care routine. Find out what products you actually need to keep the water balanced (read: safe & bacteria-free), when, and how many chemicals you should add.

  • Maintain filtering system.

    The filter is the crucial part to keep your water clean, but sometimes it needs assistance. Learn what products you need, how, and how often you should clean the filter. Find the most suitable filter type for your hot tub (even if it is an inflatable hot tub) and how to replace it.

  • Clean a hot tub.

    Some parts of your hot tub need regular cleaning to keep it a safe place and prolong its lifespan. Find out what products and tools you need, when you should clean it, and how.

  • Drain and refill.

    Some of the most confusing aspects of hot tub maintenance are where to drain the water, how to do it, and how to get rid of the remaining water? We provide the answers in the guide; and as a bonus — we will tell you about things that may go wrong (and how to avoid the wrong procedure).

  • Help a hot tub to get through the winter.

    Winter is coming and your hot tub should be made ready. Read how to prepare a hot tub for this season to ensure you won’t find it covered with a layer of nasty algae when you decide to soak in a warm hot tub again.

  • Saltwater hot tubs: benefits & drawbacks.

    You may have heard that saltwater hot tubs don’t require chemicals, but is it really true? Find it out in our guide as well as discover all the pros and cons of saltwater to make a decision whether it is worthwhile.

  • Troubleshooting hot tub problems.

    All owners sooner or later may face problems like leaks, different water colors, etc. In the guide, you will need professional tips to fix the problems and avoid even more damage to your property.

  • How to get the most out of your hot tub.

    Discover extra tips from a professional with 10+ experience in this field on how to make your hot tub experience even better and hassle-free.


In the guide, you will see icons that are signs for extra information on hot tub delivery, installation, maintenance, and repair. 


Extra information from a hot tub expert that will be useful for your health and/or help to cut down on hot tub expenses.

Inflatable hot tub

We know how confusing inflatable hot tub maintenance can be; inflatable hot tubs are often disregarded, that’s why we have included tips and tricks that apply to this type of hot tub.


Things that you must avoid in hot tub installation, care, or repair. Such things will prevent harm and damage to your health and hot tub.

Don’t judge a book by its cover… 

But do judge by its demo page!

What owners say about our guide

Lockdown made my family look for alternative ways to spend fun time in our house and a hot tub seemed to be a perfect option. We didn’t expect that its maintenance could be so confusing. Thankfully, we found this guide that explained the complex aspects in an easy way.

Hannah Barnes

I always hated chemistry at school and hoped that I would never face it again. Having purchased a hot tub I realized that it is inevitable. The guide helped me to choose the sanitizing system (probably the most important and confusing part) and gave valuable insights in simple language.

Nikki Clark

Soaking in a hot tub is the best way to relax after the hard workday, but the thing I don’t really like to spend time on is hot tub care.

Fortunately, you gathered all the info in one place (including a list of tools and products), so I didn’t have to. Thanks for such a comprehensive and easy guide.

Kori Bennett

Parties are an essential part of my life and hot tub parties hold a special place in my heart. As a party hostess, I need to deal with the consequences. I am happy to have found such a guide that helps to make the hot tub look brand-new and expand its lifespan.

Becca Davis

I bought the hot tub for my wife and me as our doctor said it is a great way to relieve pain in the lower back and decrease stress. Actually, it worked. But it turns out, a hot tub can also stress you out when it comes to its installation and maintenance. I’m grateful for this guide as it saved me a lot of time on googling and figuring out how it works.

Bertin Harris

I am an experienced hot tub owner and decided to buy this guide when faced with leaks. Spoiler: no leaks anymore thanks to clear directions. It’s such a pity I didn’t have the guide when first bought a hot tub; I could have saved so much time and money. Thanks, guys for such a useful guide.

Kenneth Sanchez

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Will it work for my hot tub?

The guide includes tips on both types of hot tubs: portable and inflatable. It will work for owners of inground and above-ground hot tubs as well.

Will the guide suit me if I have a salt water system?

Yes. In the guide, there is a separate section on saltwater hot tubs where, among other things, you will also find how to take care of saltwater hot tubs.

How do I get access to the guide?

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