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Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create A Cozy Island

It’s time for your yard to become an oasis. Dive into our research to learn about hot tub pergolas and how you can benefit from them.
hot tub pergola

Does the weather disturb you while lounging in the hot tub? Or maybe it’s neighbors? Or do you want to create a fabulous atmosphere in your backyard to enjoy rest to the fullest? 

Hot tub pergola is an easy solution for these issues. While some people view it as a decoration, it has a lot of practical benefits.

We researched to find all the necessary details to help you make your dream yard. Moreover, we asked our teammate a lot of questions (since he has a hot tub pergola), so get ready to discover everything you looked for.

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Hot Tub Pergola And Its Mission

So, what is a hot tub pergola? In simple words, it’s a huge table that overtops your spa. Placing a pergola over a hot tub becomes a beautiful decoration and reliable protection.

You may ask, “How will a table-like construction protect me from different weather conditions?” That’s the hot tub pergola’s trick. Simply think about putting hangers for curtains. This will guarantee you have secure relaxation.

In addition, getting out of the hot tub to get something won’t be a problem. You’ll be able to place all the necessary chemicals, bag chairs, and other accessories under the pergola’s roof.

Anyway, a hot tub pergola is a versatile construction that has nearly 0 chance to ruin your yard look!

Hot Tub Pergola

Gazebo vs. Pergola: What’s The Difference?

When we researched, we faced the “gazebo” term quite often. This may confuse even professionals, so we decided to highlight this topic. 

The gazebo is similar to the pergola. Gazebo, however, has curtains or walls already installed. They are also popular for relaxation without a hot tub. It has enough space to place a table and chairs there to enjoy time in the fresh air.

Visual differences between gazebo and pergola. The gazebo is on the left; the pergola is on the right.
Visual differences between gazebo and pergola. The gazebo is on the left; the pergola is on the right.

Generally, pergolas are rooftops that can help you create your unique vibe. Gazebos, in their turn, are usually smaller and won’t let you make the desired atmosphere. 

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Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard

There are two main types of pergolas – built-in-house and separate. Each of them has its pros and cons. 



  • House helps to achieve more weather protection
  • Neighbors won’t disturb you much
  • Quick access to all the things in the house
  • Fewer materials for construction needed


  • You may have no or little nature near the house
  • A lot of distractions such as kids or pets
  • The location may bother you with time

Built-in pergolas will suit your house the best if you don’t have a large yard. The house will protect your pergola and hot tub from the wind. In addition, you won’t need to run through your yard to bring something you forgot. Built-in-house pergolas solve this problem since everything will be at your hand.

In addition, one of our teammates says that the “Built-in-house pergola allows me to enjoy my hot tub even in the rainy weather. Oh, and sometimes I can even relax in it with my wife in winter. The house is close by, and we don’t need to spend too much time on the froze. Also, we can watch our kids through the window, so everything is at arm’s length.” 



  • Nature connection and fresh air
  • A calm and peaceful atmosphere
  • Ability to create your small island with everything you need
  • Can make your yard outstanding


  • May need a bit more materials to build and protect
  • Neighbors may bother you
  • May be far from the house

A peaceful rest is a major reason to pay attention to a separate hot tub pergola. Placing this kind of pergola over your hot tub will let you enjoy trees, flowers, and green grass with their scents. This will create a unique and cozy atmosphere with pleasant odors and views.

Peter Rossi used to have a separate hot tub pergola back then. We asked him about his experience, and this is what he answered, “There were days when I relaxed in my spa and recalled that I forgot water, for example. And guess what? I needed to run to my house or call my wife to get it. But in general, the wind, birds, and plants add pleasure to this hot tub chill.”

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Hot Tub Pergola With Curtains

Hot Tub Pergola with Curtains


  • Perfect private island
  • Can be built-in-house or separate
  • Curtains are easy to move apart when needed


  • Curtains may be easy to get dirty and wet

Having your pergola over the hot tub will do its best if it has curtains. This small detail will protect you from neighbors’ eyes, mild wind, and even rain. In addition, your pergola’s aesthetics will go through the roof. 

Adding light and music can make it the perfect private island for high-quality rest. In this case, curtains will also protect you from mosquitos, letting you forget about any distractions.

The Materials That Will Suit You Best

The variety of materials let you choose between tons of hot tub pergola ideas and design. Some of them will suit your interior, some of them will be cheaper, and others will have their benefits as well. So let’s investigate to make the right choice.



Wooden pergolas are the most popular options. Durability, cheap price, great look, and ease of building handle (if you build it yourself) make this kind of pergola a brilliant choice. 

The only disadvantage is that wood’s color spectrum and overall look won’t suit all houses and yards. 



Glass is a material that a regular person won’t handle to build a pergola. While you can build or assemble wooden or metal pergolas, you need to find a professional to construct a glass one. The final result, however, won’t disappoint you. 

Glass pergolas suit the majority of house and yard designs. It will protect you from the weather and let you enjoy the surrounding nature.

On the flip side, some people may find glass pergolas less private. You can, however, make a brick, wooden, or metal wall to make it more private or even add aesthetics. Adding some garland will help you achieve an astonishing look. On the opposite, placing the glass-roof pergola over your hot tub is a magnificent decision. Enjoying the rainy weather, sunset, or even night sky is an easy way to add more satisfaction to your bubbly experience.

Some people may be concerned about its durability. Glass pergolas are safe and durable. The only precaution is to place it far from objects that may damage it – trees, play yards, etc.

It’s difficult to disagree that glass hot tub pergolas have an incredible look. Wooden or metal ones, however, are more popular because of their simplicity of building and maintenance.  



Metal is the most durable material. With the right approach, a metal hot tub pergola will have an outstanding look that no wood or glass will ever achieve. 

Metal pergolas are pretty expensive compared to wood or glass ones. In addition, if it’s a huge and heavy construction, you may need additional professional help to deliver and assemble it. 

Investing in a metal hot tub pergola will facilitate its maintenance and ensure you have durable and aesthetically pleasant protection for years.

What Size Your Hot Tub Pergola Should Be

No matter if you build or buy your pergola, we have some tips to make it a perfect fit for your hot tub. 

First, let’s talk about the height of the pergola. Stand in your hot tub, stretch your hands to the top, and measure the distance. On average, it’s about 2.5 to 3 meters. This height will be enough for safe and convenient use.

Second, the general size of your hot tub pergola. It should cover your whole hot tub and a bit more space in case of rain or snow. 

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hot tub pergola

Remember our teammate we mentioned at the beginning? He has a pergola that can fit around four of his hot tubs. He said such an approach helped him create the best vibe possible. Not only that, but he has a few bag chairs and all the hot tub equipment there. 

Think about what you’d like to have under the pergola, and you’ll easily come up with your ideal size.

Decoration: Making Your Hot Tub Pergola Even Fancier

Once your pergola is installed, it will instantly improve your lounge zone. Since we quickly adapt to all the changes, some hot tub pergola ideas may bother you in the future. So hot tub accessories will easily and positively change the vibe of your spa lounge. We, however, have tips even for such cases. Our mate recommends you have:

✨ Lights. It’s the simplest way to achieve the desired atmosphere. You can come up with LEDs or garlands.

🎶 Music. You can place a speaker under your pergola. When you get into the hot tub, turn on the music that suits your mood best.

🌸 Flowers. Feel free to decorate your pergola and surrounding area with flowers or herbs. They will not only elevate your pergola’s look but give a nice smell to your whole yard.

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hot tub pergola

Final Thoughts

The pergola is a must-have decision if you seek the hot tub lounge upgrade. You will have everything needed for the hot tub in one place, decorate your yard, and level up your spa experience.

Feel free to create any design you want, since the material options will help you make it true.

Moreover, your hot tub chill session will be imperturbable since no sun or mild rain will be a problem. Having additional features like lights and music can help you and your guests enjoy the rest most pleasantly.

We hope our article helped you make the right choice between hot tub pergola ideas, materials, and decorations to take your lounge to another level.


⛩ Can You Put a Hot Tub Under a Pergola?

Putting a hot tub under the pergola is the best way to protect it from sun, rain, and wind. A hot tub pergola, however, will also help you create a convenient lounge zone.

🛁 Is a Pergola or Gazebo Better for a Hot Tub?

Hot tub pergola and gazebo are similar. However, they have different missions. A gazebo may be the better option if you seek privacy. Pergola, however, has a more versatile design, which is easier to build.

📏 What Size Should a Pergola Be for a Hot Tub?

Hot tub pergolas may have different sizes. But it should at least fully cover your spa to give the maximum safety. We recommend you have a pergola that can fit at least two hot tubs. This will allow you to place all the necessary things for maintenance or a cozy vibe.

☔ Can I Put a Hot Tub Under a Roof?

The roof can completely transform your hot tub experience since you can place all the necessary accessories. Also, it allows you to avoid the sun, wind, and rain. A hot tub pergola is the simplest construction that lets you achieve this.

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