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Still thinking, “Should I Buy a Hot Tub?” – read 10 reasons from an expert why you definitely should

A hot tub might seem like a luxury because of its cost, but there are more reasons to buy a hot tub than you might know. An expert offers top 10 reasons here why buying a hot tub is worth it.
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Buying a hot tub could be considered as the third most expensive purchase after your house and car. Many people wonder if it’s worth the money and hassle to buy a hot tub when you can soak in your traditional bath.

I, as an expert and a passionate user of hot tubs, have prepared 10 reasons why you will definitely not regret purchasing a hot tub.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Peter Emmanuel Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi.

After more than 10 years working for the Jacuzzi Group, I went into private practice and created this website to share my experience.

Eventually, I formed a team that researches the market and finds solutions for different needs.

Should you buy a hot tub?

The quick answer is “Yes.”

There are different kinds of hot tubs and you should choose one according to your needs and requirements. I know it’s easy to feel lost considering the vast number of hot tubs available in the market.

So, I would like to share some findings of my team’s research that will help you make an informed buying decision:

AquaRest 300 Premium

The winner in the categories of “capacity”, “thick and stable construction”, “saves energy”, and 4 other categories that are important for hot tub owners, making it a true Ferrari in the hot tub world (read research)

Bestway Hawaii

(equivalent to Coleman SaluSpa)
The best choice at an affordable price for family use or for parties. Thanks to its square shape, it is more spacious than a round spa, and it is more comfortable to sit in (read research)

Hot tub – luxury becomes a necessity

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons in my opinion why a Jacuzzi is worth its while.

1. Get relaxed from head to toe

Whether you enjoy in a hot tub alone or with friends enjoying a fizzy drink, you opt for hydrating under the shining stars or soaking under the sun, a hot tub lets you enjoy and relax. You can read a book, unwind or get some time off from worries with an electronic device or enjoy some downtime.

While enjoying the soothing bubbles, a small soak would help to ease your tensed muscles and increase the sense of happiness. The bubbly hot water and jets offer the mini escape and a way to relax in a way that cannot be replicated.

In addition to the atmosphere, there are many more ways to improve it. Just be careful, not all additions that are suitable for traditional baths are suitable for a hot tub. Below is only a small example of such additions.

2. Induces deep sound sleep

Concerns of people suffering from insomnia are finally answered without any medication required; being drenched into the hot tub helps you sleep better. I have read the latest statistics from The American Academy of Sleep Medicine regarding insomnia and it gives alarming info that from 30 to 35% of people undergo some symptoms of insomnia.

Even a single night of restless sleep ruins your next working day and can lead to following troubles:

  • The lousy mood throughout the day.
  • Poor memory.
  • Low level of energy.
  • Irritation and fatigue.

I strongly recommend people suffering from insomnia to take at least 15 minutes to soak in the bathtub about half or one hour before going to the bed, it would increase your body temperature and the instant cool-down period after that would make you feel relaxed and help in getting a sound sleep.

3. Relieve muscle and back pain

The natural resistance occurring while relaxing also releases pressure and strain of joints while giving them a soothing break from the hard work of the day and even the night. Another important thing in my opinion (it’s more like my favorite thing) is that the hot tub jets target muscle groups for massage and get relieved from the sore muscle pain.

One of the most common issues that people deal with in life is the aches and pains of the daily routine. With a hot tub like AquaRest 300 Premium, it has never become easier nor more relaxing to address your back pain. The jets will loosen your muscles and alleviate those tensions as you soak in relaxation, leaving you refreshed as you start the next day.

Source: Pinterest

4. Consistent private retreat

Having a hot tub at home would let you enjoy the relaxed feeling without even paying a monthly fee or wait for an invite from friends or colleague to have a nice dip whereas you will not be as comfortable as you would have been otherwise at your home.

You can get to enjoy a consistent private retreat whenever you want. Although your electricity bill would be increased to a couple of hundred a year. Take a look at the next point.

Source: Pinterest

5. Saves water

Instead of relaxing in a bathtub after which the water is drained, you can just hop inside a hot tub; it can be refilled or drained every six months. Why not relax and meanwhile do a favor to the mother-earth as well by saving water.

6. Not restricted by season

As typically the name depicts, “hot tubs” are not bound for the winter season only; you can use the hot tubs throughout the year. Swimming pools are amazing for the summer season when the outside weather is warm but hot tubs can be relished in fall, winter, summer, and spring.

The hot tubs even let you relax outside and enjoy the starry night or enjoy a sunset. Keeping these things in mind I design hot tubs to make them as comfortable and useful as one could ever imagine.

7. Health is wealth

I have always loved this fun point that word spa is an acronym of” salus per aquam”, this Latin phrase “health from the water.” Hot water increases the blood flow and circulation in the body, it releases the muscular pain and relaxes the body. Mario Michael from Watkins Wellness is a huge advocate of wellness benefits obtained from hot tubs.

Source: Pinterest

8. Next level bathing

Whenever I think of designing the bathtub I always want to put in the magical feel in the curves and shapes that one will enjoy while soaking in the hot tub.

While there are many benefits of a hot tub that can make you feel better physically, owning a hot tub can do quite a bit to enrich your life on an emotional level, as well as providing you with a luxury experience from the comfort of your home. Having a hot tub in your home can make you feel a part of the cultural elite.

Source: Pinterest

9. Feels great every time

We all love our comfort zone and find new ways to improve our health; in my opinion, the relaxation one gets inside the hot tub cannot be beaten. I would not hesitate even once to admit that hot tubs really do make us feel amazing. There is not even a single time that I have seen someone sad in a hot tub.

Source: Pinterest

10. Your very own personal oasis

Consider buying this luxury item as it will ultimately become a necessity or addiction because of its soothing results and great feeling every time you take a dip. Every time you turn up the jets, put on some good tunes and get the most out of your relaxation time.


❄️Can I use a hot tub in winter?

Yes, it’s possible to soak in a portable hot tub anytime. NB! When it gets colder, turn a hot tub into a «no-freeze» mode. If you leave the hot tub in the cold, that can lead to extensive damage (the water pump and lines probably need to be replaced).

☃️How cold is too cold for a hot tub?

Inflatable hot tubs can be used outdoors if the air temperature is above 40°F. The water in the hot tub should not exceed 104°F (in winter up to 100°F). To use a portable hot tub in winter, you need to turn on the “no-freeze” mo de at the first cold snap.

😴 Does a hot tub help you sleep?

Several factors aid in a sound sleep after using a hot tub:

– Soaking and hot tub supplements (salts, aromatherapy etc.) helps you relax mentally
– Jets massage relieves muscle and fascial tension
– Body temperature drops slightly and signals to your body that it’s time to sleep.

💪What does a hot tub do to your muscles?

Hot tub therapy helps to increase blood flow, stimulate healing, and relax muscles. Professional athletes and hobbyists alike use jacuzzis to prepare their muscles for workouts and to recover from them. You can also use a hot tub in the evening for relaxation after a working day or before bed.

Did you like the article? Was it helpful?

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  1. Lately, my wife and I have been very stressed with work, and our backs and shoulders are in pain. We’re looking for a way to relax without needing to leave our home due to our work, so we think that installing a hot tub sounds like a great idea. Thank you for explaining that hot tubs relieve sore muscle pain due to their massage features.

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