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3 Top-Notch Round Hot Tubs Recommended By Hot Tub Expert [2024]

Ready to choose your round hot tub? 🙌🛀 We researched 700+ customer reviews and analyzed all available models to bring you the top 3 round spas.
Round Hot Tubs

Whether you were inspired to get a round hot tub because you saw it in movies or don’t like the ugly edges of square form, you came to the right place. Round hot tubs are appealing and traditional looking, affordable, and provide nice relaxation. 

While the first spas in the 1940s were round, hot tub manufacturers tend to make more square hot tubs that accommodate more high-tech features. Today there are a few hot tub brands left that still produce round models. 

In this article we look at the best round hot tubs you can get online with just several clicks. 

3 Best Round Hot Tubs Comparison Table

The roomiest spa

The roomiest spa
Ohana Spas round hot tub

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Capacity: up to 7 people
Jets: 25
Volts: 120 (converted to 240V)

- The deepest seats
- The most energy-efficient
- Great in keeping water temperature
- Comes with an insulated cover, LED lights, cupholders
- Freeze protection
- Easy to set up
Best for using in cold climate

Best for using in cold climate

Cyanna Valley Spas Hot tub

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Capacity: up to 5 people
Jets: 20
Volts: 240V

- Most economical use of chemicals
- The fastest heating
- Great in keeping water temperature
- Comes with an insulated cover, 4 cupholders, LED lights
- Lifetime warranty on the shell
Best budget model with powerful jets
Best budget model with powerful jets

Lifesmart Spas plug and play hot tub

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Capacity: up to 4 people
Jets: 13
Volts: 110-120V

- The greatest massage for a decent price
- Great in keeping water temperature
- Easy control panel
- Comes with insulation cover, LED-lights, ice basket

What to look for while choosing a round hot tub

Round Hot Tubs

While speaking with hot tub owners, we usually discuss the criteria for evaluating their experience. The thing I have noticed is that people over-evaluate some factors while paying less attention to really vital ones. 

Below you can find a list of important criteria you need to pay attention to. 

✔️Powerful jets 

To get a relaxing or/and therapeutic massage there is no need to aim for the highest number of jets. You should select the model based on suitable jets and pump ratio. For example, Lifesmart Spas plug and play hot tub is a budget model, but most users admitted its powerful jets. 

The golden rule is 20-30 jets per pump, so the jets have enough force.

While selecting online, it is impossible to test the real power, so the best method is to analyze the experience of other customers

Keep in mind that if you are looking for very powerful jets for therapeutic massage round hot tubs are not the best choice. The most powerful models are among square hot tubs, while round ones are more suitable for relaxation.

✔️Easy to set-up

You don’t want to spend hours on installation. Inflatable hot tubs are the easiest and fastest in installation. Plug and play hot tubs require only a connection to the standard outlet. The most powerful and energy-efficient models have 220V wiring. To install them you need to invite a licensed electrician to hook them up. 

Easy installation is what I like about Ohana Spas round hot tub. It is a “plug and play” model with an informative manual. 


No surprise that hot tub manufacturers tend to indicate only the maximum capacity of the spa. It usually means that it will be tight.

Legroom is a special thing to consider in the round hot tub. All legs concentrate in one circuit in the center of the spa. As a result, you will run out of free space for the legs fast. 

If you want to accommodate all family members or friends, I recommend looking at Ohana Spas round hot tub with a capacity of up to 7 people.

✔️Quick heating and heat maintenance

Maintainance the heat is not a big deal if you live in a warm climate. However, if the temperature outside drops below 50°F you will need a good heater and full insulation to maintain the heat and be energy-effective. 

Inflatable or plug-and-play models are not the best during freezing temperatures. If you are dreaming about soaking during snowy winter models with 240V is the best for you. 

Good hot tubs go with an insulating cover, as most heat loss happens from the water surface. The insulating cover is filled with foam and is UV and water-resistant. 

My favorite in this category is Cyanna Valley Spas Hot tub. It has the most powerful heater with full insulation and cover.

Less important factors are:

  • Customer support
  • LED lights
  • Informative manual
  • Long-term warranty
  • Easy-to-operate control panel

Why trust our review?

You might notice that many review sites sound similar. The main reason because they use only manufacturers’ marketing material or just copyright from each other. Our team has developed a special methodology for selecting recommended models

To make this article:

  • We analyzed all available round hot tub models in popular marketplaces.
  • Exclude models with less than 20 reviews or insufficient features.
  • Selected 8 models with the highest rating.
  • Analyzed 700 customer reviews and picked 3-best round hot tubs.
Round Hot Tubs
ByRossi® analysis methodology

This approach helps us to make an unbiased review. My team is not sponsored by any manufacturer, so we recommend only those models that customers really like. We highlight the most important criteria that bring value to the customer experience and analyze hot tubs according to them.

Detailed review

Ohana Spas round hot tub — The roomiest spa

Hot Tub Material Icon
People Icon
Power Icon
PlasticMax. 7 people,
comfortable for 4
120V (converted
to 240V)
icon of hot tub dimensions
Icon Of Hot Tub Hydro Jets
Hot Tub Features Icon
Water Icon
2' 10 1/2'' H x 6' 8 1/2'' D25 air jetsInsulating cover, LED lights,
freezing protection, cupholders
242 gallons


  • The most energy-efficient (you can regulate filtration time, heating modes, control valves)
  • The deepest seats (34”) for full-body soaking
  • Dereased heat loss due to full foam insulation
  • Freeze protection
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Jets located on different levels to massage various parts of the body
  • Easy set-up
  • Many cupholders


  • Long delivery (some users report longer than 3 months)
  • Some users said that jets are far apart, so if you are too skinny it can be a little hard to get a perfect massage)
  • Some users noticed that cupholders are a  little inclined inside, so there is a higher possibility of getting drinks into the water.

Ohana Spas’ round hot tub is an interesting and very appealing model. If you are looking for a great socializing experience with fast heating and great massage, we reccomend you invest in this spa. It is a deep model (34”) with jets located in different places and levels to massage every spot, so even tall bathers can relax. 

Many owners state that this model is great for keeping the desired temperature. It supports both plug-and-play mode and conversion to 220V. The latter brings additional benefits to your bathing experience. For example, in addition to faster heating, you can soak in the hot tub with a decrease in water temperature even in winter. 

🔝 What I like is freezing protection, especially if you live in a cold climate. It means that if the temperature drops below 44°F (6.7°C), the pump automatically activates to raise the temperature to 45°F(7.2°C) or higher.

If you worrying about the electricity bill, Ohana Spas’ round hot tub saves money. There are 3 modes of heating, including one “economy” mode that saves 20% of energy consumption.

Cyanna Valley Spas round hot tub ⁠— The best for using in cold climate

Hot Tub Material Icon
People Icon
Power Icon
icon of hot tub dimensions
PolyethyleneMax 5,
comfortable for 3
240V2' 11'' H x 6’ D
Icon Of Hot Tub Hydro Jets
Hot Tub Features Icon
Water Icon
icon of the ozonator
20 air jetsInsulating cover, LED light,
option to add arctic insulation,
4 cup holders,
lifetime warranty on the shell
250 gallonsOzonator included


  • Most economical use of chemicals due to Ozonator
  • The fastest heating with energy-effective  5KW heater
  • Decreased heat loss due to full foam insulation
  • Can be upgraded with additional arctic insulation
  • Lifetime shell warranty
  • Go with cupholders, cover, and LED-lights


  • Manual
  • Not freeze-resistan

This model is for you if you plan to enjoy the hot tub during cold winter. It heats the water at 6°F/hour (-14°С/hour) (the fastest within reviewed models). Moreover, it goes with an insulating cover and full foam insulation to decrease heat loss. Arctic insulation is an additional feature you can add while ordering the spa.

What has impressed us about this model is included Ozonator. It saves you time and money on hot tub maintenance and chemicals. 

⚖️ Compare: with the regular hot tub, you should maintain the chlorine level between 1-3 ppm, while with Ozonator it should be just 0.5 ppm.

Another interesting feature of this hot tub (that we rarely see in other spas) is the absence of contouring seats. It is built like a round bench with equal depth (19.5”). A good thing about it is that you can easily slide to massage the exact point regardless of the position of the jets. 

Lifesmart Spas Plug and Play Hot Tub ⁠— The best budget model with powerful jets

Hot Tub Material Icon
People Icon
Power Icon
PolyethyleneMax 4 people
(very comfortable for 2)
icon of hot tub dimensions
Icon Of Hot Tub Hydro Jets
Hot Tub Features Icon
Water Icon
2' 5'' H x 5' 6'' W x 6' 5'' D13 air jets3 cupholders,
basket for ice,
insulating cover, LEDs
220 gallons


  • Perfect budget model for beginners
  • The greatest massage with powerful jets 
  •   Decreased heat loss due to full foam 
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy control panel
  • Goes with insulation cover, LEDs, cupholders, ice basket 


  • Low seats
  • No real water heater

This hot tub is not perfectly round and has a more oval shape, but my team was impressed by the combinations of powerful jets and its value for money. This is a perfect model for beginners, who want to enjoy perfect hydrotherapy but are limited in the budget. 

Despite having only a frictional heater, this model is good at keeping heat inside, due to the insulating cover and full foam insulation. However, we don’t recommend you bathe in it during freezing temperatures. The heater is not so powerful to maintain temperature for a long time. 

👍 Despite being a totally plug-and-play model, many owners notice its powerful jets and easy control panel. 

Using this hot tub might be uncomfortable for people with a height of around 5’ because sits are deep and located low. For those, we recommend buying booster seats to get maximum relaxing experience. 

Hot Tub Booster Seats

Intex PureSpa Spa Seat

Show price

Star Splash Booster Seat<br />

Star Splash Booster Seat

Show price

Best alternative to the hard shell round hot tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Round Hot Tubs
Hot Tub Material Icon
People Icon
Power Icon
PVCMax. 6
(comfortable for 4)
icon of hot tub dimensions
Icon Of Hot Tub Hydro Jets
Hot Tub Features Icon
Water Icon
77 x 28 inches114 air jetsCover,
chemconnect dispenser
270 gallons


  • The fastest set-up (assembling takes only 40 minutes)
  • The most powerful air jets
  • The quietest inflatable model
  • Longer bathing sessions, due to Heat and gets work together
  • Comfortable to sit in (cushion layer on the floor of the spa)
  • Thick material
  • Heating timer settings (you can select the heating duration, and time when the heater start to work)
  • Easy-to-operate control panel


  • Few users reported about the failed pump in a year after purchase
  • Paper instructions are not very clear
  • Can’t run under 40*F
  • Auto shut-off every 72 hours if not used

There is a misconception in society that inflatable hot tubs are not durable and have bad quality. This is not true, at least for the Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub which is the best inflatable hot tub on the market at this moment. 

It took us just 40 minutes to assemble, and we got a pretty solid hot tub we could even sit on. Compared to other inflatable models, the heating and massaging function works simultaneously, and massage is perfect due to powerful air jets. As a result, we didn’t feel a fast drop in water temperature while bathing. This spa also has a cushions layer for comfortable sitting.

Based on users’ experience, the auto-shutoff function is a controversial feature. The manufacturer claims that it can help save energy, but some users complain that sometimes they forget to activate the pump every 3 days and the spa cools down. Bear in mind, that heating takes 24-48 hours depending on the starting and outside temperature. 

While you might find in the reviews that some owners use inflatable hot tubs in temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C), it is highly unrecommended. Inflatable hot tubs have no real insulation and cannot maintain temperatures. Moreover, they can significantly increase the electricity bill. 

📌Pro tip! Don’t forget to put an inch or two of foam under the inflatable hot tub. It will decrease heat loss.

Check our detailed review on Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

The quick guide to setting and maintaining the hot tub

Round Hot Tubs

Selecting a perfect hot tub is a challenging task, but this is not the only thing you should care about. Below I prepare a quick and easy-to-follow guide so you can enjoy your soaking experience from the moment of setting to the very end.

I won’t get into the details of every step, but with them, you can picture a roadmap toward your perfect hot tub. 

Take care of your hot tub like a pro with an exclusive ultimate guide

After 10 years of designing hot tubs, I prepare a manual that will help you to save time and money on spa maintenance. Find all tips and tricks in one guide to enhance your hot tub experience. 

 Check and acquire building permits

Depending on your location, the installation of an outdoor hot tub may require a special permit. 

Select and prepare the place for the hot tub

Whether you want to install a hot tub outdoors or indoors you need to consider many factors. Some of them are below:

  • Enough space to get in and out. The space should be at least a foot or two, however, if you have active children or would like to organize a hot tub party, think about a more open area.
  • Access to the hose and electricity.
  • Privacy and view.
  • Access to draining area.

Make this decision wisely, especially if you will buy a solid shell hot tub, as it can be hard to move it around after installation. 

Prepare the hot tub base

The foundation for the hot tub should be leveled and solid otherwise the hot tub shell will crack under the uneven distribution of weight. Moreover, a bad base will void the warranty of many spas. 

You can decide between concrete, gravel, pavers, a reinforced deck, and prefabricated hot tub bases. All these options are solid and durable, so you should choose based on your budget, available time and labor resources, and taste. 

Place and assemble the hot tub

Think about the delivery path to the selected location. It should be clean and allow the delivery team to move the hot tub right to the prepared foundation. 

After you position the hot tub, assemble it according to the owners’ manual. If you already have a 220V spa or want to upgrade a “plug and play” model, invite a licensed electrician to hook the spa up. 

Pro tip! Before filling you should clean the hot tub surface and cover with the non-abrasive cleaner to get rid of possible dust and dirt. Rinse and wipe thoughtfully to avoid foaming.

Filling the hot tub

In this step also follow the user manual. For example, some manuals recommend filling the hot tub through a filter. 

Models are different in the desired water height so be sure you know the requirements for yours. 

Prime the pump

The main goal of this step is to get rid of air in the hot tub lines. Some models have automatic priming, while with some you will need to do it manually. Use your guide to see a set of actions to do. 

Test the water and adjust the chemicals

A few hot tubs go with the starting pack of chemicals, so make sure you buy them in advance. You cannot overestimate the need for an accurate testing system, to make the bathing experience safe and comfortable. 

Many people get stuck with chemicals. My team prepared an easy beginner’s guide on using a testing kit

After adding the chemicals do not forget to run the pump for at least 10 minutes on high-speed to spread all chemicals evenly. 

After mixing, check the chemical balance again.

Turn on the hot tub

Set the water desired temperature and start heating. Remember to cover the hot tub, as it will speed up the heating process.

Depending on the heater. insulation, starting and outside temperature, the time for heating varies. For solid shell spas, it takes around 12-15 hours to heat up to 104°F (40°C), while inflatable requires 24-48 hours of constant heating. 


You are in the step of the first bathing experience with the new hot tub. Relax and have fun, but be prepared for a long race.

Improve your bathing with special hot tub accessories. Check the article about 30+ items you must try in 2023

Maintain crystal clear water

If you want the hot tub to run long without any health risks to your family and friends then cleaning should become your routine. Maintenance seems challenging only for the first time, but soon it becomes easy as a breeze.  


Round hot tubs are traditional-looking spas that bring a nice relaxation for a more affordable price compared to square hot tubs. 

Round hot tubs usually have fewer features such as waterfalls or huge amounts of extra-powerful jets, but you will get a nice soaking experience. Before purchasing a round hot tub you need to pay attention to the power of jets, roominess, insulation and heating, and set-up time. Less important factors are LED lights, informative manual, long-term warranty, customer support, and easy-to-operate control panel. 

Ohana Spas round hot tub

The roomiest spa

The roomiest spa

Show price

Cyanna Valley Spas round hot tub

Best for using in cold climate

Best for using in cold climate

Show price

Lifesmart Spas Plug and Play Hot Tub

Best budget model with powerful jets

Best budget model with powerful jets

Show price


🥇 Is a round hot tub better than a square?

If you are looking for traditional design, relaxing soaking, and affordable price then pick a round hot tub. If you want to get a high-tech unit, with power jets that can accommodate all your family members and friends then the square models suit you the best.

♨️ What is the average size of a round hot tub?

The most popular size of the round hot tub is for 4-6 people. The diameter ranges from 72 inches to 80 inches.

😄 What is the best round hot tub?

Our top choice is Ohana Spas Balance for 7 people. It is roomy, has nice powerful jets, can be converted to 240V, and is great in maintaining desired water temperature.

👥 How many people can fit in a circular hot tub?

The maximum amount of people that can fit in a circular hot tub is 7; however, only Ohana Spas’ round hot tub can allow it. Most other models can accommodate from 2 to 5 people.

🛀 Are round soaking tubs comfortable?

Yes! The massage and relaxation benefits of round hot tubs are excellent. Particularly spacious models with strong jets were our favorites. Round spas are ideal if you want an inexpensive and soothing hot tub.

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