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30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try in 2024

Presenting you 30+ fun accessories to enhance your hot tub experiences with family and friends! These little extras are surely a treat for hot tub users.
30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try

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Is buying accessories for your hot tub a good idea? Do you need all the accessories advertised in the market? I carried out research to help you understand the accessories that are useful for your hot tub and why spending money on them will be worth it. 

To make it easier to understand, I compiled a detailed list of hot tub extras/ accessories that will be worth spending on. These accessories will provide a meaningful improvement of your spa experience and lifestyle, which will allow you to:

  1. Get maximum pleasure
  2. Impress your friends
  3. Save time on maintenance
  4. Reduce costs associated with your hot tub.
Category winner
Intex PureSpa cup holder
Intex PureSpa cup holder
Must-have to get everything at hand

Intex PureSpa seat
Intex PureSpa seat
Must-have for short people and kids

Intex PureSpa headrest
Intex PureSpa headrest
Must-have for tall people

Spa filter cartridges
Spa filter cartridges
Must-have for clearwater

Bluetooth waterproof speakers
Bluetooth waterproof speakers
Must-have for a party guys

Accessory cleaning kit
Accessory cleaning kit

Must-have to simplify the cleaning

Oil-absorbing sponges
Oil-absorbing sponges
Must-have to extend spa filter life

Spa aromatherapy
Spa aromatherapy
Must-have for romantic

Unbreakable Glasses
Unbreakable Glasses
Must-have for outdoor activity lovers

Water Thermometer
Water Thermometer
Must-have for kids and pregnant

How Did We Choose the Best Accessories for Hot Tubs

I’ve been dealing with hot tubs for years, so I’ve probably tried everything that was invented for hot tubs. I used all my experience as a basis for this research and to avoid providing a biased opinion, my team also tested the hot tub accessories and checked customer reviews to see if there were any drawbacks associated with their use. 

My team conducted several stages of testing for each product to identify all of their strengths and weaknesses. My clients also shared their experiences, which, I have also mentioned in this article with their permission. I then compiled a top for each category, considering not only the quality of materials but also the price. This article includes only the best accessories, many of which I use regularly in my hot tub.

Keep reading to see which accessories will help you get:

Whilst we’ll consider all of these in detail, I want to start by providing a bonus list of accessories for inflatable hot tubs under $50. Accessories in this list will make perfect hot tub surprise gifts for friends and family.

Top-10 Hot Tub Accessories Under $50

1. Booster Seats — Must-have for Short People and Kids! 

A drawback of an inflatable hot tub (even if it has real hydro jets) is that you have to sit right at the bottom of the spa. This does not suit many people for various reasons: a hard surface, the spa is used by kids, or you are just not tall enough to sit comfortably on the floor.

If you’re fairly short, this is a must-have 5-star product. I was skeptical about this product, so I purchased one just to see how I get on with it. And as a 5’3 person, I have to say it’s a must-have product. I was always sitting on my knees with my toenail polish scraping off! Not anymore!

Reviewed by Amber Hammock in the United States

Intex PureSpa Seat

✅ Suitable for all spas 

✅ The only one that has an adjustable height 

✅ Doesn’t float up

⛔️ Too big for a 1-2 person hot tub

Note that this one is made of hard plastic, if you want a soft one, see more spa seats (jump to the section).

2. Headrests — Must-have for Tall People

Inflatable hot tubs have soft walls that you can lean on, but they aren’t very comfortable and can put a strain on the neck. For this reason, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to relax the body, as the neck and the upper body are not in an ideal and comfortable position. Our research proved that headrests work perfectly for tall people.

This headrest is exactly what was needed for a comfortable experience! 5.0 out of 5 stars. These are PERFECT! As a tall person, It was fairly uncomfortable for me to rest my head at the back of the hot tub. The headrests are great. I fill mine with water to weigh it down, and it sits perfectly and offers a comfortable position for my neck. 

Reviewed by Mrs. Cynthia K. Gilliam in the United States

Intex PureSpa Headrest

✅ Easily placed on top of the spa wall 

✅ Hold the headrest in place by filling it with water 

✅ Adjust firmness by adding air 

✅ Comes with a funnel for filling

⛔️ Doesn’t stand still unless partially filled with water

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.4×11.8×9 inches 

According to the specifications, this headrest is compatible with the Intex PureSpa models only, but we used them with the SaluSpa Miami too. To be sure it fits your spa, check the dimensions, or you can use velcro to strap it on. 

If you don’t want to bother with this, there are universal headrests and pillows for hot tubs (jump to the section).

3. Cup Holders — To Get Everything at Hand 

The sides of the inflatable hot tubs are not flat. Therefore, you can’t put your drinks on them. This is where a cup holder comes in very handy. Simply attach it to the wall of your spa and hold your drinks or bottles securely in place. 

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

✅ Easily attached to the spa wall by clamps 

✅ Fits 2 standard-size drinking containers 

✅ Has a large open area for snacks

⛔️ Does not fit large cups

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.3×8.6×7 inches

Note that this cup holder is not only suitable for Intex inflatable hot tubs, but also for other brands (compression clamps are used here, and the walls of the inflatable hot tubs have almost the same width). 

See more cup holders and spa bars (jump to the section).

4. Spa light — Must-Have for Impressive Night Soaking

Almost everyone I asked agreed that it’s so romantic to sit among the lights, but not every hot tub is equipped with it. You don’t need to overpay for a built-in flashlight function. The simplest way to get an impressive experience is to use a floating spa light. 

Lay-Z-Spa LED Floating Light

✅ 4 LEDs in 4 colors — yellow, red, blue, and green 

✅ 7 flashing modes — perfect for parties and relaxing! 

✅ Easy to operate — press the button on the top to turn it on 

IP68 (up to 1.5 meters) waterproofing allows for continuous submersion

⛔️ Moving around the hot tub because of the water currents

I’m not the biggest romantic in the world, but I tried hot tub aromatherapy for this research! It was a very pleasant evening, I liked the lavender scent the most.

See more accessories for a romantic hot tub experience (jump to the section). 

5. Speakers — Must-Have for Party Guys

Have more fun and relax with your favorite music. Hot tubs can be noisy when in operation. Not only disturbing the neighbors but also you when you listen to music. With floating speakers, the sounds will come straight out of the water and you will hear them clearly. Waterproof speakers are often equipped with lights adding to the personalized experience. 

Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers with Colorful Lights

✅ Excellent stereo sound 

✅ Waterproof — use floating or submersible 

✅ Bluetooth connection to any device 

✅ Hands-free calls with a built-in microphone 

✅ 7 color-changing flashing lights 

✅ Playtime up to 8 hours on a single charge

⛔️ Music is very quiet if the speaker is turned upside down in the water

⛔️ Not enough illumination for large-depth hot tubs

See more accessories for parties/entertainment (jump to the section).

6. Cleaning set — Must-have to Simplify the Cleaning Process

Spas don’t come with cleaning tools, but they are a must-have to simplify the cleaning process. The choice of cleaning tools is vast. We will consider cleaning devices for hot tubs in detail. However, there is a universal set that you can use to clean your hot tub both easily and quickly. Perfect for first-time cleaning.

Accessory Kit with Brush, Skimmer, & Scrubber

✅ Curved brush, ideal shape for inner wall surface 

✅ Scrubber easily removes grime 

✅ Mesh skimmer helps to fish out debris from the surface of the water 

✅ Every tool has the perfect size for inflatable hot tubs (makes it easy to reach every area of the interior)

⛔️ Skimmer handle can be short for larger hot tubs

More cleaning devices for inflatable hot tubs (jump to the section).

7. Scumbugs — Must-Have to Extend Spa Filter Life

Scumbugs improve spa water filtration and prevent a scum line on the walls. Simply put it in the water and it’ll do its job. 

Scumbug Oil-Absorbing Sponge

✅ Perfectly absorbs body oils and lotions (up to 40 times more its weight!) 

✅ When the scumbug is dirty, simply squeeze it out, clean and reuse 

✅ Commonly lasts for the whole season

⛔️ Some buyers find the bug’s design creepy

More cleaning devices for inflatable hot tubs (jump to the section).

8. Unbreakable Glasses — Must-Have for Outdoor Activity Lovers

Well, which of us has not broken the odd glass? After all, they slip so easily from wet hands. Nevertheless, particularly in summer, water and fresh drinks should always be at hand to prevent dehydration while soaking. Make it safe and possible with unbreakable glasses for spas.

Lay-Z-Spa Unbreakable Glasses

✅ Safety – unbreakable high-quality plastic 

✅ Suitable for dishwasher 

✅ Set of 4x340ml glasses in the box 

✅ Perfectly fits spa cup holders

⛔️ Small glass volume (340 milliliters)

I suggest you see more accessories for parties/ entertainment (jump to the section).

9. Aromatherapy for Spas — Must-Have for Romantic Nights in Your Hot Tub

Enjoy the aromatherapy addition to the hot tub experience. Always choose hot tub-compatible products — oil-free and safe for equipment (check that it is specified by the manufacturer).

inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy

✅ No oils 

✅ Masks chemical smells 

✅ pH neutral, no foam or bubbles 

✅ Safe for all jets, pumps, and filters 

✅ Added vitamins and skin moisturizers

⛔️ The odor might seem a bit faint

Also available in liquids, crystals, and spa bombs. To boost the romantic experience, see more accessories (jump to the section).

10. Thermometers — Must-Have to protect Pregnant Women and Kids

Most inflatable spa models have a built-in temperature monitoring device, but if your hot tub does not have one or you are not sure about its accuracy, a pool thermometer will work just as well. It is vital to monitor the temperature of the hot tub water to prevent overheating, especially when children or pregnant women are soaking in it. 

Water Thermometer for Hot Tub

✅ High-precision temperature sensor 

✅ Displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius 

✅ Long-lasting and durable material 

✅ Cartoon design — it can be used as a thermometer and a toy

⛔️ Falling on its side from the big waves

It’s impossible to fit all useful extras for inflatable hot tubs into a shortlist of 10 goods under $50. I analyzed a bunch of products; many of them we tested in our lab, and others are based on user reviews. My research team goes through each product thoroughly to make sure you won’t regret your purchase.

Accessories That Offer Complete Relaxation

An inflatable spa is a great way to enjoy a hot tub hydrotherapy experience at home. A huge advantage is the affordable price. An inflatable spa is simple in construction and does not include seating or head support. That is why extra devices are so popular among customers. For example, it’s very common for customers to buy seats before they buy an inflatable hot tub.

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Most Inflatable Hot Tubs are Not Designed with Built-In Seating

Seats, Headrests, and Pillows 

To make the most of your hot tub relaxation experience, you’ll have to sit comfortably, otherwise you won’t enjoy the hot tub. If you are uncomfortable sitting at the bottom of the spa, or you want to sit a bit higher and lean your head at the back, a separate hot tub seat and headrest will prove to be very useful.

There are different types of seats and pillows:

Inflatable — soft to sit and lean on and can be filled with air, water, sand, or a combination of them. This way you can adjust the hardness and prevent it from floating when not in use. 

Weighted — construction prevents the inner weighted compartment from floating. A cushy pillow that stays under the water even when not in use. 

Plastic — unique hard plastic seat, two height levels are available thanks to its adjustable legs. Heavy and due to this, it does not float up. 

Foam — polyurethane foam provides an ergonomically shaped, cushioned surface.

Hot Tub Booster Seat Pad with Suction Cup

Hot Tub Booster Seat Pad with Suction Cup

✅ Soft to sit on

✅ Soft heat-resistant material

✅ Plastic is thick and durable (can withstand being filled with sand).

⛔️ Suction cups may not hold them at the bottom, so they pop up when not in use. Tip — fill it with water or sand to fix the problem

Type: Inflatable

Intex PureSpa headrest

Intex PureSpa Headrest

✅ The only construction that allows adjusting the firmness (by partially filling with water and air) 

✅ Easily placed on top of the spa wall 

✅ Adjust firmness by adding air 

✅ Comes with a funnel for filling

⛔️ Doesn’t stand still unless partially filled with water

Type: Inflatable 

Intex PureSpa seat

Intex PureSpa Seat

✅ Suitable for all spas 

✅ The only one that has an adjustable height 

✅ Ergonomic non-floating seat

⛔️ Too big for a 1-2 person hot tub

Type: Plastic 

Intex PureSpa Foam Headrest

Intex Purespa Foam Headrest

✅ Ergonomically shaped 

✅ Cushioned and damage-resistant 

✅ Securely attached to the spa wall 

✅ Easy to re-position or remove for convenience 

⛔️ Discolors after several seasons of use

Set up size: 11x9x6.75 inches
Type: Polyurethane foam

You’ll love it! 5.0 out of 5 stars. Have you ever sat in a hot tub without a seat? Many times you’ll have the water level at your neck and your hair will be soaked. Even if you have an average height, a seat is not only essential, it is a cool accessory that will take your hot tub experience to the next level. It’s comfortable and weighs down perfectly. If you purchase an inflatable hot tub, you’ve got to buy a seat. You definitely won’t regret it.

Reviewed by Scorp2Scorp in the United States

Plastic Steps

The steps are ideal to help you enter and exit the spa with ease. Furthermore, you can also use some steps as a convenient storage system (for example, to store hot tub care products and pool chemicals). 

Ecotric Hot Tubs Step

Ecotric Hot Tubs Step 

✅ Strong and slip-resistant plastic construction holds up to 300 pounds 

✅ Compatible with both round and straight tubs, just put a curved or a straight edge on the top! 

✅ An assortment of colors, you will surely find your favorite

✅ Anti-slip surface

⛔️ Anti-slip lines hold water inside from the hot tub and rain

Leisure Accents Spa Steps

Leisure Accents Spa Steps

✅ Durable plastic construction 

✅ Weatherproof and UV-resistant 

✅ Has a roomy storage compartment (holds 45 12 lb. cans and 10 lb. ice)

✅ Easy to clean with soap and water

⛔️ Some users have reported a challenging assembly process

Inflatable Steps, Benches, and Surrounds 

These handy extras can improve the style of your inflatable hot tub and make the system more comfortable to use. Add a luxury experience to your spa (though, you’ll need free space around). 

Not only can you easily and safely enter and exit the spa, but you can also relax whilst being out of it. Pick one for your hot tub model from the list below. 

Inflatable surrounds — a way to make your spa experience the most comfortable without breaking the bank (note, hard constructions can cost more than the inflatable hot tub itself). 

Fits Intex PureSpa models:

Bench Intex Pure Spa Hot Tub

Bench Intex Pure Spa Hot Tub

✅ Perfect place to lounge and relax when sitting by the spa 

✅ Fits contours and matches the color scheme of spas 

✅ Attaches and locks into place 

✅ Laminated material

✅ For use with Intex PureSpa models 28403/28404 

⛔️ Plastic bolts may loosen

Dimensions (LxWxH): 76x27x13.5 inches

Impress Everyone at Your Party With Hot Tub Accessories for Entertainment 

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Hot tub party 

Many hot tub owners like to enjoy parties with their friends and families. Let’s see how you can add some fun and liveliness to your soaking experience with hot tub accessories. 

All you need to get the best spa party: 

  • music and lights (we already talked about speakers
  • drinks and snacks 
  • fun and games 

Cup Holders and Trays

Inflatable cup holders are not only beautiful but sturdy enough to keep your drink safe while they float in the water. Don’t use these when jets or bubbles are running as the holders will move around too much, I had a bad experience.

So great omg 5.0 out of 5 stars. These adorable floating drink holders were a hit at my birthday party. Everyone loved them so much that they were fighting over them. Lol! Wonderful product, as you can see in the picture.

Reviewed by Elaine Peña in the United States

Intex Inflatable Drink Holders

Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

✅ 3 pack flamingo

✅ Fits most cups

✅ Have the side wings that balance and stabilize it in the water

⛔️ Can’t hold a heavy drink

Inflatable Spa Bar

If you want some snacks along with your drinks, you may like an inflatable spa bar. 

Floating Spa Bar

Floating Spa Bar

✅ 8 various-sized cavities 

✅ 2 carry handles 

✅ Includes a patch kit

⛔️ Too big for a 1-2 person hot tub

Unbreakable Cups

I’ve already talked about plastic glasses, now let’s look at silicone ones.

Unbreakable Outdoor Silicone Cups

Unbreakable Outdoor Silicone Cups

✅ Unbreakable silicone cups 

✅ Dishwasher safe & stain-proof 

✅ Made from premium non-stick clear silicone

✅ Set of 4 cups 

⛔️ May be too wide for small children’s hands

Metal Sign Decoration for Spas

It’s just a fun way to decorate your spa zone.

Tub Sign Plaque

Tub Sign Plaque 

✅ Made of high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

✅ Resistant to UV rays

✅ Easily washable surface

✅ Includes a rope

⛔️ The image may be affected by rain

Hot Tub Metal Decoration

Hot Tub Metal Decoration

✅ Good print quality

✅ Rounded corners to avoid injuries

✅ Textured surface

Waterproof Games

Use waterproof games to have some fun while you soak. I also advise you to purchase a floating game table to get maximum comfort whilst playing.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing Cards

✅ Flexible, hand-washable, and easy to shuffle 

✅ 100% waterproof 

✅ Super flexible and easy to shuffle

⛔️ Do not float

Floating Games and Lounge Table

Floating Games and Lounge Table

✅ Floating durable foam 

✅ Fits up to 4 players 

✅ Measures approx 23.5 x 23.5 inches

✅ Playing cards included

⛔️ Not very strong packaging

Romantic Hot Tub Accessories to Impress Your Loved Ones

Make your hot tub nights more romantic with music, lights, and aromatherapy. Your loved one will be pleasantly surprised by these thoughtful little accessories.

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Romantic hot tub design 
Loftek Submersible LED Lights

Loftek Submersible LED Lights

✅ Magnet and suction cups attach to any surface 

✅ Radio frequency remote 

✅ 13 LEDs, 16 colors 

✅ AA battery

 ⛔️ Battery life is short, only 6 hours with the AAA type, but you can extend the runtime to 40 hours with AA batteries

Color Changing LED Glow Balls

Color Changing LED Glow Balls

✅ Flash and fade 

✅ 7 steady colors and RGB color-changing mode 

✅ Waterproof and drop-proof 

✅ Works 30-70 hours with AA battery

✅ Has a solar charging system

✅ 6 packs of extra batteries

⛔️ Weather affects solar charging, so it often only lasts for a few hours

Bluetooth waterproof speakers

Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

✅ IPX7 waterproof 100% water and dust protection 

✅ Enhanced bass and loud volume 

✅ Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 

✅ 3 color RGB LED lights with 7 color modes

⛔️ Music is very quiet if the speaker is turned upside down in the water

⛔️ Not enough illumination for large-depth hot tubs

Hot Tub Liquid Aromatherapy

Hot Tub Liquid Aromatherapy

✅ Scoop, brush, and scrubbing mitt 

✅ Special design for inflatable hot tubs

✅ The sponge on the glove easily removes stains

✅ The plastic handles can be easily removed to attach to a longer pole to access

⛔️ The rubber of the gloves is quite thin

Accessories to Make Hot Tub Maintenance Simple as ABC

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Clearwater in a hot tub 

We all want the best relaxing experience in the spa but we can’t run away from cleaning and maintaining it. A simple cleaning and maintenance routine will ensure that you can make the most of your hot tubs and prolong their life. 

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your spa isn’t as daunting as it seems. Furthermore, some tools can facilitate the cleaning process. There are special tools designed to make cleaning spas a breeze and to allow you to reach every nook and cranny. Although you can use ordinary household brushes and nets for pools along with a garden hose, you’ll have to put in more effort. Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the poo — you can use a spa vacuum to make it easier.

Cleaning Tool Accessory Set

Cleaning Tool Accessory Set

✅ Pleasant long-lasting aroma 

✅ Oil-free, pH neutral 

✅ Safe for hot tub equipment

⛔️ May stain the filter if the concentration is too high

Aqua Comb Spa Filter Cleaner

Aqua Comb Spa Filter Cleaner

✅ Works with most filters (fin depth of 3/4“ to 1-1/4”) 

✅ Compatible with all filter cleaning sprays 

✅ Fast 5-minute cleaning 

✅ Cleans deep into the cartridge fins (regular filter sprayers and brushes can’t reach it) 

⛔️ The hose connector is disconnected under high-water pressure

Water Quality Maintenance 

To maintain the purity of the spa water, you need to test the water quality and add chemicals to balance the water. If you’re not keen on using chemicals, make a salt-water hot tub with a chlorine generator system. Read about other ways to get chemical-free hot tubs

Chlorine Starter Kit

Chlorine Starter Kit

Everything you need to start a hot tub:

✅ Chlorinating granules 

✅ pH test strips 

✅ Oxidizing spa shock 

✅ Spa clarifier 

✅ Stain and scale control 

⛔️ Need to buy additional chemicals to adjust the pH and Alkalinity

Floating Spa Hot Tub Dispenser

Floating Spa Hot Tub Dispenser

✅ For use with 1” bromine/chlorine tablets 

✅ 13 settings to adjust the amount of bromine or chlorine released into the water 

✅ Weighted screw-on cap (doesn’t flip) 

⛔️ 2% of users stated that the plastic is not very durable

Sun & Wind Protection — Don’t Limit Your Hot Tub Pleasure

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Inflatable hot tub and umbrella 

If your hot tub is installed in an open area, you will need sun and wind protection.


The adjustable tilt of the umbrella will provide shade at any time of the day. But it is useful at night too — enjoy the magnificent illumination from solar LED Lights. 

Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

✅ 24 solar LED lights run for 6-7 hours 

✅ Water-, UV-, fade-resistant fabric

✅ Easy push-button tilt system 

⛔️ Umbrella base not included


Unlike an umbrella, the canopy is attached to the spa itself. It provides good protection from the sun and wind.

Outdoor Grand Patio Canopy

Outdoor Grand Patio Canopy

✅ Weather-resistant fabric protects against UV sun rays

✅ 8 drainage holes prevent water accumulation and potential damage during rainy days 

✅ Base made of steel with anti-rust coating

✅ Has curtains to create a more private space

⛔️ Can’t hold strong wind or heavy snow

Dimensions (LxWxH): 156×120×108 inches 

A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned: Accessories to Make the Hot Tub an Affordable Experience

30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try
Heat rises from the hot tub

If you are not happy with your electricity bill, you can reduce energy consumption by extra insulation. The largest heat loss passes through the surface and the bottom. An additional all-over cover will help. You can also strengthen the insulation of the cover by using a floating blanket (put it right on the water and close your cover). To prevent heat loss from the bottom, use a foam floor protector. These solutions help to minimize heat loss and save money.

I’ll add something else, although this seems obvious — clean and replace hot tub filters regularly. Water cannot flow through a dirty filter as easily as through a clean one. This means that the pump will work harder to filter the water. It will consume more electricity and will break down quickly. So, clean the filters every 1-2 weeks, replace them once per year, and read our hot tub cleaning guide to learn to clean a hot tub properly. 

Floating Thermal Blanket

Floating Thermal Blanket

✅ Thickness 15 Mil 

✅ Reduces evaporation

✅ Up to 80% thermal efficiency

⛔️ Square shape. However, you can give it the shape of your hot tub with scissors

Foam Floor Protector

Foam Floor Protector

✅ Provides extra insulation 

✅ Improves heating efficiency 

✅ Protects from rough surfaces and ground debris 

✅ Contains 10 pieces – 9 for the hot tub and 1 for the pump 

⛔️ Not resistant to damage

Intex Spa Filter Cartridges Type S1

Intex Spa Filter Cartridges Type S1

✅ S1 type (made of pleated cellulose) filter cartridges 

✅ Easy-to-clean, heavy-duty dacron paper, for ultimate filtration 

✅ Fast delivery. More than 50% of customers say that the product arrived earlier than expected

⛔️ Size does not fit all types of hot tubs

Quantity: 6 filters

Bestway (Coleman) Spa Filter Cartridge Type VI

Bestway (Coleman) Spa Filter Cartridge Type VI

✅ Made of heavy-duty Dacron paper, for ultimate filtration 

✅ The filter’s design makes it one of the easiest filters to clean

✅ Easy to install. Starts actively purifying water immediately after installation 

⛔️ Size does not fit all types of hot tubs

Quantity: 6 filters


“The devil is in the details” — the old truth… or, as my friend once put it, “Little things don’t matter: they determine everything.” Hot tub accessories are exactly those details. 

Is it possible to enjoy a massage without sitting comfortably and worrying about a huge electricity bill?

Yes, indeed, but you cannot get the most out of it.

Some accessories will provide us with benefits, others will help to impress someone. But all of them can improve hot tub quality in one way or the other. 

Of course, you can use your hot tub without any extras. But if some of them can make your spa life easier and more enjoyable, then why not? Spending a little extra on these hot tub accessories will take your spa experience to a whole new level!


⚡️ What Accessories Do I Need for an Inflatable Hot Tub?

It depends on how you wish to use it. In the article we consider 30+ must-have hot tub accessories to get a new level of comfort, maintenance, romantic atmosphere, entertainment, and economy.

👍 What Are the Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories?

The most popular ones include seats, pillows, cup holders and spa bars, covers, steps, scumbugs, vacuum cleaners, test strips, cartridges. In the article we consider in detail these and 30 more useful extras for inflatable hot tubs.

🎁 What Accessories To Choose as a Gift for Inflatable Hot Tub Owner?

In our article, we have made a list of the best inflatable hot tub accessories under $50 that make a great gift for any hot tub owner. Cleaning and care products are a universal option for everyone, party lovers will appreciate unbreakable cups and waterproof cards, and aromatherapy may be a good fit for relaxation lovers. Take into account the person’s needs and how they intend to use a hot tub.

🤷 Where To Buy Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories?

Amazon is a great place to buy inflatable hot tub accessories — large assortment, guarantee, and payment protection. You can find a list of the best inflatable hot tub accessories from Amazon in our article.

🎯 What Are the Best Accessories for Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

The most popular accessories for Intex inflatable spa are seats, headrests, cup holders, cleaning sets, steps and surrounds. They are specially designed for Intex hot tubs and fit perfectly.

🥇 What Are the Best Accessories for a Bestway\Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub?

The most popular accessories for Bestway\Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tubs are seats, headrests, cup holders, cleaning sets, steps and surrounds. (see our article for a detailed list). Many inflatable hot tub accessories made for Intex spas, but they usually work with all other inflatable jacuzzi models as well but check dimensions before buying to make sure they fit.

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