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The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs: What You Need and What You Should Avoid

If you have a hot tub, it is important to remember that not everyone can access the water easily. This is why many people choose to install stairs. There are many different types, and it can be difficult to decide which ones will work best for your needs. In this article we answer questions like: Why do I need steps? What should I look for when buying them? We are sure this guide helps you find what you need!
The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

What is the best way to get in and out of your hot tub? We all know that there are some things you just don’t do barefoot, like walking on ice or grass. The same thing goes for getting into a hot tub without the proper equipment — it’s not recommended. So what can you use to help with this issue? One option is stairs for your hot tub!

There are many different types of stairs available so it can be difficult to choose which one will work best for your needs. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type so you’ll have everything you need when making that decision.

Why do you need stairs for your hot tub?

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

There are a lot of reasons why you need stairs for your hot tub. Most people buy their hot tubs to relax and enjoy themselves. If you do not have a way to get into your hot tub, then it defeats the purpose of having one at all!

Here are some more reasons why you need these:

  • They make getting in and out easy. 
  • You won’t have to worry about safety because materials are long-lasting and can hold up your weight even if you weigh 200 pounds plus
  • You can use them as a seat for extra comfort.
  • They are easy to install and will not take you much time or money compared to installing ladders that require building supports, etc.
  • You can find them in different colors to match your hot tub’s color scheme.

Types of hot tub stairs that you can buy

There are a variety of hot tub stairs that you can purchase to make getting in and out of your hot tub easier and more comfortable.

Standard hot tub stairs (2-3 steps)

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

These are the most basic type of hot tub stairs and are typically made from plastic or metal. They are also the least expensive. The number of tiers corresponds to how many times you need to step up or down to get into your hot tub; for example, a two-tier stair has one platform and then another that brings you into the jacuzzi itself.

Steps with handles

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

These are similar to the stairs mentioned above, but they have handles on them. This can be helpful if you have difficulty getting in and out of the tub or if you want some extra support when using the stairs.

Corner steps

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

These are popular with in-ground hot tubs, and they consist of one platform with a corner entry, and they allow you to get into the jacuzzi at an angle. They also often have built-in places for candles or lights which can make your experience much more pleasurable because it’s like a little mini-spa!

Rubber tread steps

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

These are a great option for above-ground hot tubs because they don’t rust and the rubber tread makes them much safer than other alternatives.

They can be purchased in both single or multiple-step options, but they do tend to cost more money. They also take up less room as compared with stairs that have platforms which is another positive aspect.

Steps with storage

The Definitive Guide to Hot Tub Stairs

If you have an in-ground hot tub, then these are a great option because they provide storage space for your pool supplies or any other items that must be kept out of the water. They can also serve as seating if desired.

The most popular type is one with two tiers which allows you to store many different types of things beneath it.

Which type is best?

There are many factors which you should consider when choosing the best type of stairs for your hot tub.

First, you need to determine if it is an in-ground or above-ground model that will require stairs. If this is not possible then additional steps can be added later on with relative ease at any time because they do not involve digging.

If it is an in-ground hot tub, then you want to make sure that the stairs are removable or foldable because this will allow you to bring up all of the dirt once your installation process has been completed. If they can’t be moved easily by yourself for whatever reason, then additional assistance may need to be sought out which could add to the time and cost involved.

If it is an above-ground model, then you want stairs that are sturdy but also lightweight for them not to add much weight when moving your tub from one location to another. You should consider rubber stairs that can be folded up if space is limited or they won’t fit somewhere else on your property.

If you are purchasing stairs for an in-ground hot tub, then look at the types that have storage because this will allow you to keep all of your pool supplies out of harm’s way and stored neatly away underneath them. 

purchasing hot tub stairs

What to look for when purchasing hot tub stairs:

There are a few things that should be taken into consideration before you purchase your stairs for a hot tub. They are as follows:

How many steps

This is a really important question to answer before making your purchase. Look at the size of your hot tub and think about how many steps would be needed for an easy and safe way in and out of it. If there are already stairs that lead into or onto the deck, then just add one more step on either side so that you can enter and exit the tub at a comfortable pace.


It’s important to check how many pieces your hot tub stairs are before you buy them. This will help to avoid having any issues with the assembly process. If there are more than 20 steps involved, it might be too complicated for one person to assemble alone or even two people who don’t know what they’re doing. On the other hand, if there are only a few parts, it might be too flimsy and unstable.



You need to make sure that your stairs are compatible with the hot tub. There are many different kinds of materials used for this purpose, so you should do some research on what type works best for you and your budget. For example, if you have an acrylic spa or in-ground hot tub, it would be better to get aluminum stairs to match the tub.


You want your stairs to match the decor of your home, so you should choose a color that matches everything. If you’re not sure, just go with the color of your hot tub. You can always paint it a different color if you change your mind later.


The material that your hot tub stairs are made out of is very important. Before you purchase, look at the reviews and see if other customers have had any problems with durability in their particular case. If the customer service seems to be bad or lacking, then it might just mean that they don’t offer a warranty on their product, so it’s a good idea to look for something different.

If you live in an area with lots of humidity or salt air, then choose plastic over wood because it will last longer without warping or rotting from constant exposure to moisture.

If you live in a very sunny area, then wood might be the best choice because it will withstand the sun better than plastic. Just make sure to regularly seal your stairs with a UV-resistant product so that they last as long as possible even in direct sunlight.

Building your hot tub stairs

Building your hot tub stairs

If you don’t find the standard hot tub stairs suitable for your needs, you can build the required set yourself. It is easy to do if you have some basic carpentry skills and tools like a drill, saw, or at least a screwdriver.

You will need: 

  • Two by four, an eight-foot-long piece of wood; 
  • Two standard joist hangers, each with a mounting hook and bolt;
  • Four carriage bolts (with nuts).


  • First, measure the distance from the ground to the edge of your tub, and mark where you want to place the stairs
  • Drill a hole in each joist hanger with your drill, centered on its mounting hook. 
  • Insert one carriage bolt through each of these holes, drop them into their respective notches, and screw on the nut tight enough that it will hold securely but is still easy to rotate by hand. 
  • Next, make a mark on your two-by-four at the point where it will extend from the edge of one joist hanger to another; this is where you drill holes for these carriage bolts.
  • Drill through each hole with your drill and insert a bolt (with nut) into each end of the board. 
  • Finally, drill a hole in each corner of your two-by-two at the point where it will meet the edge of one joist hanger. 
  • Drop these into their respective notches and slide them onto your bolts until they are tight against your hot tub.
stairs for hot tubs


The stairs for hot tubs are extremely useful for getting in and out of your hot tub. They provide a sturdy handrail to grab onto, which helps keep you safe when entering or exiting the water. If you don’t use stairs with your hot tub, then you should strongly consider it.

When choosing your hot tub stairs, three main things will determine the cost and quality of your stairs: materials, design, and the warranty they come with.

If you have not found suitable stairs for a hot tub, you can design one yourself. The design will depend on the size and shape of your hot tub, but you can also add a splash guard and other features to make it perfect for you.


📌 Why do I need stairs for a hot tub?

Stairs are extremely useful when getting in and out of your hot tub, especially if you have an injury or some arthritis that makes it hard to get up on the side of the pool. They provide a safe place to grab onto so that you don’t slip as easily.

🤔 What kinds of stairs for a hot tub are there?

There are five main types:

– 2, 3, and 4 tier steps;
– Steps with handles;
– Corner steps;
– Rubber steps;
– Steps with storage.

🔎 What should I look for when choosing the stairs for a hot tub?

You will need to think about what material you want your stairs to be made from, such as wood or stainless steel (or even glass). You also might like some extras like handrails and splash guards; however, these may affect the cost of your stairs.

🛠 What should I do if I haven’t found suitable stairs for a hot tub?

If you have not been able to find any of the perfect steps or ladders, then it is possible to make your own by using different materials and adding some extras. This may be more expensive but will also give you exactly what you want from your stairs.

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