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Your Best Dolphin: Robotic Pool Cleaner For Automatic Care

The dolphin cleaner can effortlessly make your pool shiny. Does it sound like a dream? Dive in, since we reveal all the secrets in our research.
dolphin pool cleaner

Cleaning or hoovering your pool is a task not everyone likes to do, and that’s why we prepared a detailed review of the Dolphin pool cleaner. It will facilitate your maintenance and let you forget about asking children to do the cleaning (don’t say you didn’t do this).

Luckily, today, companies are coming up with technological solutions that make our lives easier. It, however, can take time to choose the proper device. We spent dozens of hours researching to help you make the right choice.

Get ready to fill your life with more swimming, since Dolphin pool cleaner is here to help you. In this article, we’ll answer such questions as what is it, why you need it, how it works, and much more. 

  • No-brainer installation
  • Tangle-free cable
  • An ability to climb the walls
  • Low power usage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Three bags for different kinds of debris
  • Some people found the navigation system not as advanced as they think
  • A bit pricey
  • No caddy for storage

Robotic Pool Cleaner: What It Is And Its Purpose

Robotic pool cleaners are your best friends at pool maintenance. Why? They do all the dirty work cleaning your pool. What is more impressive, they do it by themselves.

They don’t need you to connect them to your pool system or do other complicated manipulations. The robotic pool cleaner is super easy to control. All you need to do is turn it on, put it in the pool, and take it out when the cleaning is finished.

Will it actually do everything by itself? We had doubts in the beginning, as well, but the answer is, β€œYes!” Pool robot vacuums have a navigation system that allows them to explore your pool surface on their own. 

You can direct the majority of pool cleaners with a remote control, while some advanced models have a Wi-Fi capability that lets you operate them from the touch of your phone.

dolphin pool cleaner

Reasons To Have A Pool Cleaner

You don’t need the robotic pool cleaner in one case – you enjoy cleaning your pool. In all the other cases, this investment is a win-win

The main goal of robotic pool cleaners is to let you spend your time with valuable and pleasant activities. Just think about all the hours you spent cleaning your pool. Today, technologies let you have a reliable helper doing all this work while you can chill or spend time with your family. 

The other benefit you get is that the best robot pool cleaners hoover the pool surface, which may be inconvenient to clean with hands or other manual tools. Not only that, but some models even offer you scheduled cleanings and the ability to check your pool surface for missed spots.

Pool Cleaner Shopping: How To Choose The Right Dolphin

Since there are dozens of robotic pool cleaners on the market, we prepared a few points to pay attention to when choosing your perfect vacuum. 

First, you invest in a robotic cleaner to facilitate your pool cleaning. So, your pool’s size and shape determine the features your best pool vacuum robot should have. Also, take note of the nature that surrounds your pool. If there are trees and bushes, you may need a robotic vacuum that is good for larger debris. 

dolphin pool cleaner

We recommend you calculate the approximate budget you’re ready to invest in. Having an understanding of your pool features will help you select the right type of robotic vacuum. However, being ready to spend a certain amount of money will let you pick the robotic cleaner with additional options (cleaning schedule, mobile app control, etc.). 

Prices on Dolphin pool cleaners start from $500 to $2,000. The cheaper models are mostly suitable for above-ground pools. But by investing $1,500 you’ll get an advanced Dolphin cleaner with several high-tech features.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner: Detailed Overview

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Technical details

– Suction Rating – 4500 GPH
– Cable Length – 60 ft
– Filtration System – Multi-Media, Oversized Leaf Bag, Fine, Ultra-Fine Cartridge
– Number of Motors – Two

Key benefits

  • An ability to climb walls
  • Three bags for different kinds of debris
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Low power usage
  • Hustle-free installation
  • Scheduled cleanings


  • A bit pricey
  • No caddy for storage
  • No access to a mobile app

Made in Israel, Dolphin pool cleaner has the latest technologies, making it a versatile pool maintenance assistant. It has four media types, high-performance and cost-effective motors, an advanced navigation system, smart control, and much more. But we’ll reveal everything in order.

Dolphin robotic pool vacuum’s ability to switch between four different media types will suit all your needs. This helps the dolphin pool cleaner clean all the debris, from the tiniest pieces to the large leaves.

Two scrubbing brushes and two DC motors run like clockwork. Brushes are ready to clean all types of pools – gunite or plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass. Such a system allows the Dolphin pool cleaner to take care of all the dirt and debris with up to 91% less bill cost to you (compared to old models).

But how does the Dolphin Premier robotic cleaner do this to your pool by itself? The secret is in his navigation system. It’s a pure masterpiece. SmartNav 2.0 is created to outcompete all old models and does it ideally. Dolphin Premier cleans not only 100% of your pool’s floor but walls and even the waterline with pinpoint accuracy. 

Since the Dolphin Premier cleaner does all the work by itself, Maytronics decided to go even further. You may think that you need to turn it on every time manually. But the magic is that the Dolphin Premier has a Smart Control. It’s a system that allows you to schedule pool cleanings during the week. This system automatically turns on and off your Dolphin and even signalizes when you should empty the bag.

dolphin pool cleaner

You won’t believe it, but you can make your experience even more convenient. Yes, we were surprised as well. You can order your Dolphin Premier pool cleaner with a remote control. Why do you need it? Imagine your robotic friend missed a spot on the floor of your pool. Not the most pleasant issue, right? With the remote control, however, you can direct it to that spot and enjoy your shiny pool without hustle.

Do you think we finished? Almost, since we want to present one more unobvious feature, Maytronics thought out. This feature is a tangle-free swivel. It means you can leave your best robot pool cleaner alone, and it won’t get in any trouble. This decision shows that the company calculated all possible cases this robotic cleaner could have.

As we mentioned earlier, Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is quite expensive. But the price doesn’t include any storage option. If you want to, you’ll need to invest in a caddy separately.

Plus, some owners reported SmartNav 2.0 navigation system to be not as ideal as the manufacturer describes. Sometimes Dolphin Premier needs to spend more time in one place to collect all the debris, which makes the whole cleaning longer. 

In addition, there could be cases when your Dolphin robotic pool vacuum may easily get stuck if the bottom of your pool is not flat enough.

And to all the issues Maytronics couldn’t predict, they provide your Dolphin Premier pool cleaner with a 3-year warranty.

Dolphin Premier Reviews

The best way to find out everything about the product is to talk to people who already used it. That’s why we collected the most objective robotic pool cleaner reviews to create the full picture of the Dolphin Premier.

β€œI have had this little guy for three weeks. I’ll be honest; it’s magic. Easy to set up and start cleaning right out of the box. One of the greatest features is that Dolphin Premier has several bags for different debris. I can easily change between them if needed. Sure, at first, I thought I’d need to figure out everything. But in fact, everything was a breeze. I highly recommend this cleaner. Yes, it was a bit pricey for me, but assuming it lasts several years is worth it.”

Ben C., FL.

β€œI used Dolphin Premier almost every week for three years. The experience was amazing, however, it stopped working. I mailed Maytronics to describe the issue, and they agreed to check it. I bought a box and send it to them for about $40. Even though they said it may take up to 14 days, I got my Dolphin after 5 days. The new motor was doing so great I even thought it was another model. I can highly recommend it. The Customer service won’t leave you in trouble.”

Marry F., CA.

β€œI used to have a Polaris 280 for over 12 years! It did an ok job, but I’m glad it is broken. When I bought the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner, it started with a fantastic job! I instantly saw the difference. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. One less motor to operate, less noise, plus the savings on your electric bill during pool season will make you smile when you switch to this Dolphin robotic cleaner.”

Jane D., TX.

Guidance: How to Use Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is not that hard to use. There are, however, some cautions and warnings to ensure you’ll have a safe and long-time experience. 

Before starting, you need to find an electrical outlet at least 3.5 m or 12 ft. away from the water. It should be protected by a ground fault interrupter or an earth leakage interrupter. In addition, the manufacturer recommends your socket be in the shadow when your pool vacuum robot cleans your pool.

Maytronics wants your robotic vacuum to live as long as possible, so they came up with the chemical range that won’t harm your pool assistant:

β€’ Chlorine < 4 ppm

β€’ pH 7.0-7.8 ppm

β€’ Temperature 6-34 Β°C 

πŸ“ Tip:
You can use test strips before any action to ensure your water is safe for you and your robotic pool cleaner.

When everything is ready for the start, use the original power supply without any extension cables to set your pool robot vacuum up.

dolphin pool cleaner

So now you’re ready to put it in your pool and press β€œOn.” The robotic pool cleaner will take time to clean your pool during one cycle and turn off automatically when done.

β›‘ Stay safe:
Don’t enter the pool while your Dolphin Premier is making it ready for your swimming sessions to avoid harmful cases.

To protect your Dolphin from any damage, don’t use a cable but a special handle to pull it out of the pool after it finished the cleaning. 

Once you pull your Dolphin Premier, let all the water flow and unplug the power supply. Turn it upside down to open the bottom lid. Why should you do this? Because there is a filter or cartridge under that lid. Maytronics stated that you should clean it after each use to provide high-quality care of your pool. Cleaning, however, is a breeze – rinse the filter or the cartridge with your hose.

Also, Maytronics suggests making additional periodical maintenance. It’s the same breeze, don’t worry. You’ll notice that your Dolphin pool cleaner has a lid on the top side of the robot. All you need is to unplug it from the electrical supply and use a screwdriver to dismantle that lid. Once opened, you’ll see a fan there. Carefully check if there is any debris or leaves and remove them. This small step will ensure your pool robotic vacuum stays in a tip-top shape.

Congratulations, your pool is clean, and you didn’t even notice that. All the work is done, and now it’s time to store your best cordless pool vacuum. Maytronics took care of this issue as well. They recommend you house it in a cool, shady place far from direct sunlight. Also, you can invest in its caddy for storing, but if not, just turn your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner upside down.


Final Thoughts

Do you see now that having a Dolphin pool cleaner is a must-have to save time and energy? We hope that our detailed review helped you to discover the full potential of the Dolphin Premier pool robot vacuum.

Maytronics made their cleaners as elaborate as possible. Even if you face some issues, the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty to prevent unpleasant cases.

If it seems too expensive to you, just think about all the free time you’ll have thanks to this best cordless pool vacuum. Let this robot do all the boring work while having fun with your family.


🐬 What Is a Pool Dolphin?

A Dolphin pool cleaner is a robotic vacuum that can clean your pool’s floor, walls, and water lines by itself. Also, some of them have a remote control or an app to help you navigate them.

🧹 How Does a Dolphin Pool Cleaner Work?

Dolphin pool cleaners have smart navigation systems that help them detect all the dirty spots in. Then they use scrubbing brushes to remove everything and make your pool shine.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš’ Who Owns Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Maytronics is the company that invented Dolphin pool cleaners. Their main office is located in Israel, and they use last technologies to make their products as innovative, efficient, and independent as possible.

πŸŠπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Is It Safe to Swim With a Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Maytronics do not recommend swimming while your Dolphin is cleaning your pool. Don’t do this since you won’t want to face some harmful consequences.

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