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4 Best Indoor Hot Tubs: Review, Comparison & Insights in 2024

Peter Rossi, a hot tub engineer, explains which hot tubs are safe to use indoors and reviews 4 best models. Warning: an improper installation or the use of an unfit model poses risks to health and safety.
Indoor Hot Tubs

If you’ve chosen to buy a jacuzzi and plan on keeping it at home, this article will be of great help to you! We’ve researched all that you could need to know about indoor hot tubs so you are aware of typical mistakes and have at hand solutions to avoid them, saving you both time and money in the long run. Using the advice from experienced jacuzzi owners, and recommendations from architects, builders, and plumbers, we have analyzed dozens of hot tub models and selected the best to offer them to you.

Are you about to buy a hot tub? Or are you an experienced owner?

In either cases, you must know how to take care of your hot tub properly. We know how to save you time and money on hot tub maintenance and we are ready to share all the tricks.

Who and how worked on this article?

Our work is not sponsored by any organizations or companies, all the recommendations and advice we provide are unbiased, useful, and informative. We’re here to help make your jacuzzi buying experience, a pleasant, comfortable, and productive one. 

Indoor Hot Tubs
Byrossi® analysis methodology

Top-4 indoor hot tubs 2021

A full comparative analysis included

SaluSpa Miami Inflatable 4-person Hot Tub
Hudson Bay Spas 1-Person Hot tub
SaluSpa Miami Inflatable 4-person Hot Tub
Hudson Bay Spas 1-Person Hot tub
Indoor Hot Tubs
SaluSpa Siena Inflatable 2-person Hot Tub
QCA Spas Model Sirius 2-Person Oval Hot Tub
SaluSpa Siena Inflatable 2-person Hot Tub

To make the decision process easy, see our table below in which we have compared the models against various parameters.

This table contains only the most significant parameters for choosing a hot tub. Our recommendations are based on in-depth interviews with over 760 regular users and industry technical experts.

Bestway SaluSpa
Hudson Bay
QCA Spas
QCA Spas Sicily
Number of seats
Size (inches)
71 x 2680 x 35 x 3091 x 42 x 2998.23 x 25.98 x 58.66
Floor load (Lb/ft²)*
Installation requirements
No tools or technical
specialists required
Plugs Into Standard
110V/20 Amp Outlet
+ need plumber
Plugs into any
120 Volt/15 Amp outlet
+ need plumber
No tools or
technical specialists required
Where to place
(better to call your contractor or consult with your Homeowners Association)
- Basement
- Ground floor
- Garage
- Balcony
- Any room
- Basement
- Ground floor
- Garage
- Basement
- Ground floor
- Garage
- Balcony
- Basement
- Ground floor
- Garage
- Reinforced balcony
Type and number of jets
60 air 19 water16 water120 air

*According to U.S. residential building codes the permissible floor load in a living room may be 40 Lb / ft²; balcony – 40+ Lb / ft².

How and which indoor hot tub is better?

Buying a hot tub is a bit like choosing a car. There are a multitude of options on the market with various features and placed in different price categories. You can end up spending several days on choosing the right one for you or you can spend five minutes and quickly choose a model that is suitable for your requirements.  

All the models presented in our rating are very high-quality and all different — it all depends on your budget and requirements.

For a jacuzzi to make it in our shortlist, experienced users should recommend it, and it should be tested by technical specialists, after which we check the quality of each model selected. We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can sit back and relax, enjoy the possibilities, and be on your way to choosing the right hot tub for you!

Coronavirus Alternatives

After the corona crisis, the demand for hot tubs has surged dramatically,  and the best models are hardly ever in stock. As we were writing this, only 2 models were available. So, if you happen to find one in stock – you’re lucky. If not — don’t worry we have a nice alternative for you.

Model 1 — SaluSpa Miami
#1 in “easy to set up and clean hot tub”

4-Person AirJet Spa, SaluSpa Miami Hot Tub

One of the best-selling models of this season. This whirlpool usually receives more than 55% of the “excellent” reviews from its users. It is durable, comfortable, easy to install, and it has quality massage jets.

  • This inflatable whirlpool is also easy to take with you when on the move.
  • 68% of reviews of the manufacturer’s service center (Bestway) are positive. You will always be advised as soon as possible on any technical issues. If necessary, warranty replacement of the parts is faster than that of competitors.
  • This round Jacuzzi for 4 people with a diameter of 71 inches fits easily in any small room as well as in a garage or balcony.
This hot tub has been with me for a few months now and my partner and I use it every day, sometimes more than once a day. The temp 104 is quite hot and we love the bubble feature! I’m very happy and grateful for this gem of an investment. Not only is it easy to look after with chemicals, but the filters are also very easy to replace. The cover is also fairly simple to take off and replace. Love it!Jane, LA

Model 2 — Hudson Bay Spas 1-Person Hot tub
#1 Roomiest hot tub

Hudson Bay Spas 1-Person Hot Tub

A very compact single hot tub is a great place for self-isolation and relaxation.

  • It is equipped with 19 powerful water jets — it will offer a strong massage and you will feel the relaxing effect.
  • Winner of the easy installation category. We interviewed 387 people and more than 20% of users said that this model is very “easy to set up and clean”.
  • The jacuzzi is small but roomy enough. Some couples told us that even two could fit in it. 

Another advantage of it is that it quickly heats water due to its compactness. Here you get “3-4 degrees (F) per hour with the cover in place.”

If you need a small, simple spa that doesn’t have any fancy features, go for this one as you’ll hardly find any that beats this price.Josh, TX

Model 3 — QCA Spas Sicily hot tub
#1 in “powerful pump & jets” category

QCA Spas Model Sirius 2-Person Oval Hot Tub

One of the best 2-person hot tubs. The roomiest and the most powerful spa (according to the opinions of 740+ users of a 2-person hot tubs).

During our research, we studied the personal user experience in detail and identified the most important criteria. We compared more than 30 models of small hot tubs according to 20 criteria. Sirius is a winner in 11 of them, and in the rest, it ranks 2nd or 3rd.

Indoor Hot Tubs
ByRossi® Hot Tub Research Results
QCA Spas Model Sirius ranking
After shifting to our new home, we were missing our large spa that could accommodate 6-8 people. Our new home, unfortunately, did not have enough room for a large spa. After looking around for a suitable smaller spa, we came across a 2-person QCA Sirius spa. It was a good solution with its 91 x 42-inch footprint. We’re pleased with it so far. It’s high-quality and looks appealing..Conrad, MA

Model 4 — SaluSpa Siena
#1 in “portable cost-effective hot tub”

SaluSpa Siena Inflatable Hot Tub

Portable and cheap inflatable hot tub

This model can rightly be called the best small hot tub in the category under $500.

  • It will provide you with a pleasant relaxing massage for all muscle groups thanks to 120 air jets.
  • This is the jacuzzi in which two people can freely stretch to their full height because it has a maximum length, which among small jacuzzis is 98 inches.
  • Its installation will take you no more than 30 minutes, and after use, it can be compactly folded away for storage.
If you’re thinking about investing in a hot tub and you’ve never had one before, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you try an inflatable one to see how you like it and whether or not you’re a hot tub kinda person.Roan, NC

Aspects of installing an indoor hot tub

Where to place a hot tub indoors

The first step is to choose a suitable place for the jacuzzi. If you are still not sure where to place the hot tub, you can read our step-by-step guide on How to Pick & Prepare a Place for a Hot Tub.

The main options for the location of the jacuzzi at home: 

Some conditions that apply when you wish to install a jacuzzi at home.

In addition to installing a jacuzzi, you need to ensure that your home is safe and sound — without mold, broken floors, balconies, or doorways.

Problems you can avoid:

1. Moisture in the room with a hot tub

Indoor Hot Tubs
Good ventilation will help to easily control the humidity in the room

Due to increased humidity, floor and wall coverings can deteriorate, and mold can develop. To prevent this from happening, install a jacuzzi in a room with a good ventilation fan. You can choose silent models or higher power models.

Their installation will take you no more than 20 minutes, the cost of these models is also low — from $ 15.

Panasonic FV-0511VQ1
Panasonic FV-0511VQ1
Broan-NuTone 678
Broan-NuTone 678
Quiet model (3 sone rating) with a 6-year warranty on motorFor rooms (including the bathroom) up to 45 sq. ft.
Broan-NuTone 688
Broan-NuTone 688
Mobile Home Ventline
Mobile Home Ventline
For rooms up to 50 sq. ft. Has a 4.0 Sone rating
Maximum Air Flow Capacity — 50 Cubic Feet Per Minute

To regulate the microclimate, you may need a heater — if you raise the temperature in the room, there will be much less condensation. A dehumidifier will help to control and regulate the humidity level.

Oscillating Space Heater

Electric Mini Dehumidifier

    If you are just doing repairs or want to put a jacuzzi in a separate room, then choose moisture-resistant materials for decoration. For example, they can be ordinary tiles (such as in your bathroom), moisture-resistant wood types, concrete coating, and moisture-resistant paints are also suitable.

If you have a spacious home, you can simply place the jacuzzi in your bathroom.

Indoor Hot Tubs
Choose waterproof materials for your jacuzzi room

2. The floor crashed under the weight of the jacuzzi.

The lightest inflatable hot tubs usually weigh from 50 pounds, filled with water they will weigh from 1,500 lbs. But your home relax station is not much more difficult to operate than a regular bathtub.

Crash in a house or apartment

According to U.S. residential building codes, the permissible floor load in a living room may be 40 Lb / ft².

To calculate the load for any bathtub, jacuzzi, or any indoor hot tub, you need to divide its area by weight.

For example, the 4-seater round Jacuzzi SaluSpa Miami has an area of ​​40 ft² and a weight (80% full of water) of 1,531.3 lbs. Its load is 1531.3 / 40 = 38.69 Lb / ft² which corresponds to the declared standards. However, if at least 1 person is in it, the load will be about 44 Lb / ft².

So if you are renting a home, you should talk to the landlord before installing the jacuzzi.

    Since the design of each house and balcony is unique, before installing a hot tub you must necessarily request information from the homeowner (if you are renting a home) – technical information must be provided in the contract – namely, the maximum load on the floors in the rooms of your house.

If you want to install a jacuzzi in your own home, then consult with a technical architect before starting work. 

There are some generally accepted load standards in residential premises (According to U.S. residential building codes):

Bedroom – 30 Lb/ft.
Living rooms – 40 Lb/ft.
Balcony – from 30 to 100 Lb/ft.

* In the bathroom, the floor structure is likely to be reinforced

In any case, we strongly recommend that you calculate this in advance, and not just google it on the Internet.

For the convenience of calculations, you can always use our calculator and understand where it’s better to place the jacuzzi. 

Here are the general statistics we will use to calculate floor support:

  • Weight of Empty Hot Tub = Varies depending on the chosen model
  • 1 Gallon of Water = 8.34 lbs
  • Average Weight of Person = 185 lbs
  • Square Feet of Hot Tub = Varies depending on the chosen model
    — 3,14*radius^2 [round hot tub]
    — Length*Width [other forms]
[Weight of Hot Tub + (Number of Gallons of Water x 8.34 lbs) + (Number of People Spa Can Seat x 185 lbs)] / # of Square Feet of Hot Tub = Pounds Per Square Foot

Crash on the balcony

If you have a balcony, then it’s most likely your relaxation spot. And why shouldn’t it be? To relax in the evening in the fresh air and with a beautiful view in front of you is always pleasant and healthy.

Indoor Hot Tubs
Hot tub on the balcony

According to U.S. residential building codes, the permissible floor load on the balcony can be from 30 Lb/ft² or more. Before installation, ask technical specialists what kind of load the floors on your balcony can withstand otherwise get ready for an extraordinary dose of “adventure”.

Indoor Hot Tubs
Old and rickety balconies may not support the weight of a large jacuzzi
Hot tub on a ground floor or garage

The foundation of the house will perfectly support the weight of a medium and large jacuzzi. Remember that the finishing materials there need to be moisture-resistant. In such rooms, you also need sufficient ventilation to remove excess moisture.

Indoor Hot Tubs
The jacuzzi can be easily installed on the ground floor in your home

3. Other inconveniences in using an indoor hot tub

Nevertheless, you sometimes need to wash the hot tub, and you will also have to connect it to the water supply and power supply. Very often, inexperienced users block access to the equipment panel when placing a hot tub next to walls or the fence. This makes it difficult to carry out repairs.

To ensure that all these procedures pass quickly and without nerves, be sure to check with our checklist for indoor hot tubs. We collected the experience of 850+ users who have already spent 11,328 hours in their hot tub.

With the help of their tips, and in just 5-10 minutes you will understand the installation, cleaning, and other maintenance requirements of the hot tub. Moreover, you will not lose money and waste time due to the improper installation of a new jacuzzi.

Checklist for indoor hot tub installation
Dimensions and weight
  • Will the hot tub go through all the necessary doorways?
  • Can you bring a jacuzzi to your room on your own?
  • Do you have enough space to accommodate a jacuzzi?
  • Can you install a jacuzzi so that, if necessary, you have easy access to its technical unit (on the side at the bottom of the hot tub to connect it to the mains and water supply)?
  • Do I need to connect this hot tub separately to the network or can I just plug it into a power outlet?
  • Is it possible to connect it to the water supply myself without a plumber?
  • What work should be done before installing a jacuzzi?
  • What conditions are required in a jacuzzi room to last as long as possible?
  • How to care for a jacuzzi so that you spend a minimum of time and effort on it and keep it clean?
  • How to protect an apartment from moisture and mold if there is a jacuzzi?
  1. If you are doing a renovation at home, it is best to bring the jacuzzi into the room before the masonry and finishing work on the last fourth wall is finished.
  2. If there are opportunities, it is always better to consult with an architect and technical specialist before starting work. They will tell you which place in the house will be most suitable, both for connecting communications and from an aesthetic point of view.

Hot tub models recommended in this article

SaluSpa Miami
SaluSpa Miami
Indoor Hot Tubs
Hudson Bay Spas
Inflatable 4-person hot tubPlug&Play 1-person hot tub
Indoor Hot Tubs
QCA Spas Sicily/Sirius
SaluSpa Siena
SaluSpa Siena
Plug&Play 2-person hot tub
Inflatable 2-person hot tub

Final thoughts

Installing a Jacuzzi at home in 2021 is very simple. You can do it quickly, safely, and effectively even by yourself. Millions of people around the world are already enjoying their home spa centers.

After reading this article, you have everything you could need for the installation of an indoor hot tub or jacuzzi. You’re now fully equipped with information to avoid unnecessary expenses of money and time, which by the way were encountered by many already during the installation of the jacuzzi, and not at the planning stage (consider that you are already lucky).

Besides, we’ve done all the hard work for you so you can choose a hot tub with confidence. Nobody sponsors our list, it is honest and unbiased, and most importantly, these are professional, proven recommendations that you can count on.

Stay home, and have a safe soaking hot tub experience like never before!


🏡 Can I place a hot tub indoors?

Yes, it is possible. Before installing a hot tub, choose a room with a reinforced floor, good ventilation, and, if necessary, heating.

🌏 Where to place a hot tub indoors?

You can place a hot tub in the basement, in the bathroom, on the 2nd floor, or the balcony. When buying a hot tub, first calculate the best space for it. To do this, check the ventilation in the room, and choose a spacious room with moisture-resistant materials.

🏢 Can I put a hot tub on the second floor?

Yes, this is possible if the room has a reinforced floor and good ventilation. Also, you must request technical information regarding the maximum load on the floors in the rooms of your house. If you want to install a jacuzzi in your home, then consult with a technical architect before starting work.

🚧 How heavy is a 2-person hot tub?

It depends on which model you want to install. It is better to count the weight of a water-filled hot tub with two people at once. For example, an empty SaluSpa Miami weighs 53.9 lbs, and a filled one with water and people inside weighs about 1,800 lbs.

🛀 Is it possible to install a hot tub on a balcony?

According to U.S. residential building codes, the permissible floor load on the balcony can be from 30 Lb/ft² or more. Before installation, ask technical specialists what kind of load the floors on your balcony can withstand otherwise get ready for an extraordinary dose of “adventure”.

🏠 How to install a hot tub indoors?

Choose a room that will have enough space for the selected hot tub model. Plan how the jacuzzi will be connected to the water supply and the mains. Choose a room with good ventilation and moisture-resistant finishing materials.

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