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3 Best Sump Pumps to Drain Your Hot Tub Double-Quick [2024]

Does draining your spa water take too long? Check out the 3 best sump pumps for hot tubs, tested & approved by Peter Rossi, a hot tub designer and engineer.

One of the questions I often get from people who are several months into using a hot tub is whether water drainage always takes so long. Indeed, this process can easily take more than 4 or even 5 hours. However, you can save multiple hours by using a sump pump to empty your hot tub. We’ll explain how sump pumps work and how much value you can get by purchasing one.

Moreover, we selected the 3 best sump pumps for hot tubs that can do the typical drainage job in 30 minutes or faster. You can make a quick decision with our comparison table, or check out detailed reviews to get an in-depth outlook. The consensus among homeowners is that it is better to have a backup sump pump for your basement, in which case we also have a reliable option for you.

Do you want to make your hot tub last 3 times longer?

90% of success is in proper hot tub maintenance. To avoid (or prevent further) leaks, you should follow the hot tub care schedule and use the proper chemicals.

We know how it may seem confusing; that’s why our team has created a complete hot tub care guide and we reveal the tricks that the manufacturers would like to keep secret.

What Sump Pump Models Work Best in Hot Tubs?

Winning category:

Most affordable & versatile option

Superior Pump 91250

  • Drainage speed: 30 gallons per minute (GPM)

  • Material: plastic (stainless steel version available)

  • Size: 7" x 7" x 12"

  • Weight: 6.8 pounds

  • The most affordable option

  • The most lightweight option

  • Reliable construction

  • Will drain the average hot tub in less than an hour

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Winning category:

Most powerful dual-purpose pump

EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump

  • Drainage speed: 60 GPM

  • Material: plastic

  • Size: 9" x 7" x 15"

  • Weight: 12.5 pounds

  • The most powerful sump pump

  • Very effective for pools or basements, not only hot tubs

  • Complete drainage kit includes a 20–foot cord

  • A convenient automatic switch feature

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Winning category:

Most convenient option

Green Expert ⅓ HP

  • Drainage speed: 22.5 GPM

  • Material: plastic

  • Size: 9.45" x 9.45" x 10.35"

  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • The most convenient pump to use

  • Compact and easy to carry

  • Removes practically all water (leaves only 1/25 of an inch)

  • Uses an automatic switch and includes a 25–foot cord for easy operation

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How Does a Sump Pump Work, and Should You Get One?

A sump pump is a simple device that can solve annoying and complicated situations. Most frequently, people need a sump pump to avoid flooding in their basements, but some pumps can also help to empty a hot tub or a pool. When a sump pump is placed in the water and turned on, the impeller (a rotating blade) begins to spin. It forces water out of the pit (or a hot tub) and through a discharge pipe, directing it away from the foundation and your property.

The components of a submersible pump for a hot tub
The components of a submersible pump for a hot tub

Let’s consider how much value you can get out of the sump pump if you only need it to empty the hot tub. Any hot tub can be drained without the pump, but it can take a very long time. By ‘very long’ we mean 3 hours minimum and 10 maximum (for the largest hot tubs). Add the time you need to clean the shell, filters, and pipes before refilling—and your whole day is practically gone. Remember that you need to drain the water every 2 to 4 months. If you use a pump—the water will be gone in less than 60 minutes. So, yes, a sump pump is a good investment. On top of that, you can use it as a backup for the basement pump or to drain a pool if you own one.

How Did We Select Models & What Was Important?

There are many sump pump brands on the market, so choosing the most reliable models took quite a bit of time. First of all, we discarded the least promising option based on the hundreds of customer reviews. We identified the quality criteria that are critical for the customers and selected pumps that excel at one or the other aspect. Then, we tested the 3 best models to make sure that there are no pitfalls and to better understand what can a potential customer struggle with.

Here are the most important quality criteria and the performance of sump pump models:

  • Pump is powerful
  • Can drain water quickly
  • Unit has sturdy construction
  • Pump is easy to use
  • Hot tub was emptied to the bottom
  • Pump motor is quiet
ByRossi® methodology
ByRossi® methodology

3 Best Sump Pumps for Hot Tubs: Detailed Reviews

The good news is that all 3 sump pumps we’ve selected are very close to each other in terms of efficiency and reliability. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll have absolutely no trouble draining your hot tub. All of them (except for the bonus basement-only sump pump) are dual-purpose devices, meaning that you can use them indoors and outdoors. You might want a more powerful dual-purpose pump to drain a pool or back up your basement pump or a pump with an automatic switch to make the operation more convenient, so check out the details to make the best choice!

Superior Pump: Cheapest & Most Versatile

Winning category: Most affordable & versatile


  • The most affordable option sold in several variations
  • The most lightweight option
  • Reliable construction
  • Will drain the average hot tub in less than an hour


  • Doesn’t turn off automatically

If all you need to do is drain a hot tub, and you want to solve this problem cheaply, then Superior Pump is the best option for you, hands down. It is a simple, affordable, and versatile pump that is still powerful enough to drain your hot tub fast (you can use it for a pool or basement backup, though). An average hot tub for 4–6 people contains between 300 and 450 gallons of water. The rate at which the Superior Pump drains the water is 30 gallons per minute (GPM), which is less powerful than EZ Travel Collection, but faster than Green Expert ⅓ HP pumps. This means that you can drain the water in under 25 minutes (using the most conservative numbers and assuming a lower GPM rate due to the elevation of the hose).

We tested the standard ¼ horsepower thermoplastic base variation, and it seems rather sturdy (customer feedback is also positive, in that regard), but you can go for an even more reliable stainless-steel variation.

The only significant disadvantage the Superior Pump has is the lack of an automatic switch. When there is little water left in the hot tub, the pump will continue working until you unplug it. This is inconvenient because you need to monitor the volume of water left to avoid overheating the pump motor. This feature is available in both EZ Travel Collection and Green Expert’s pumps, which is why you might consider them as alternatives.

Here’s a typical review of the Superior Pump we found on Amazon:

“I use this sump pump to empty my hot tub when I need to do a regular water change. The size of the 1/4 HP model fits my hot tub and also drains really fast. Usually, I only need to use a single bath towel to clean the remaining water as it leaves only 1/8″, as advertised. The pump is sturdy and rather quiet, which is perfect for our area, and it doesn’t take up much space in the storage. Great option!”

— Sean, FL

The customer also attached a photo of a Superior Pump in action
The customer also attached a photo of a Superior Pump in action

EZ Travel Collection: Most Powerful Dual-Purpose Pump

EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump

Winning category: Most powerful dual-purpose pump


  • The most powerful dual-purpose sump pump that removes up to 60 gallons of water per minute
  • Very effective for pools or basements, not only hot tubs
  • Complete drainage kit includes a 20–foot cord
  • A convenient automatic switch feature


  • The most expensive option on the list
  • Slightly larger and heavier than other models

The EZ Travel Collection model is the most powerful device on the list. Yes, it is, by far, the most expensive option, but that’s because it was designed as a multipurpose tool that will work well in hot tubs, large swimming pools, and your basement. It is twice as fast as the Superior Pump 91250, meaning that this sump pump can empty a hot tub in literally minutes. For example, it can drain the average-sized swimming pool (18,000 gallons) in less than 6 hours!

This pump doesn’t have too many drawbacks really, apart from the high price. It needs to be slightly larger and heavier than the rest of the field, but not by much (it is only 3.7 pounds heavier than Green Expert ⅓ HP submersible pump). This is also not a loud pump either, so if you need to drain a pool or need a backup for the main basement pump—EZ Travel Collection is a great choice.

Here’s one of the happy customer reviews from Amazon:

“My pool store quoted $1,500 to drain my 30-gallon pool, clean the surfaces, and refill it with properly balanced water. I did all of that myself for $300, thanks to this sump pump. The pool is 8 1/2′ deep, and it is so good that the pump came with a long 25′ electrical cord. The clamps you need to attach the hose to the pump were also included. I started the pump, and 30 gallons of water were out of my pool in less than 11 hours!”

—Steven, TX

Green Expert: Most Convenient To Use


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Drains practically all water (leaves only 1/25 of an inch)
  • Uses an automatic switch that removes the need to monitor the pump progress
  • Includes the 25–foot cord for convenient use


  • Relatively slow (22.5 gallons per minute) compared to other options
  • Not great for the basement

Green Expert sump pump is the most convenient option on the list. Its largest advantage before Superior Pump is an automatic switch. This means that you don’t have to monitor the amount of water left in the hot tub. When there is too little water left (with this pump, only 1/25” of water will stay in the tub), the pump will turn off automatically, so you don’t need to worry about the motor overheating. Another positive thing about this option is that the package includes a 25-foot cord.

The downside, however, is that the drainage rate for this pump is not as fast as for other models. If you only need the sump pump for your hot tub—Green Expert, with its 22.5 GPM rate, is completely acceptable. At the same time, we don’t recommend it for large pools or basements (EZ Travel Collection does this job much better). We also noticed a significant increase in the number of complaints among people who used the pump as their basement drainage tool.

Overall, the customers are happy with the Green Expert—here’s a typical review from Amazon:

“I purchased a Green Expert sump pump to empty my 900-gallon hot tub. Managed to drain the spa in about 35 minutes. The length of the hose plays a big role in the speed of the process. Even though the device is made of plastic, I’ve never had any issues with the construction—it seems rather sturdy. I’m glad they include a long power cord, so I never needed an extension. To sum up, I’m happy with my purchase!”

— Xavier, MI

The customer also attached a photo of a Green Expert pump in action
The customer also attached a photo of a Green Expert pump in action

Bonus: Basement Drainage Sump Pump

Wayne CDU790 Indoor Pump

Winning category: Most reliable sump pump for a basement


  • The strongest pump to drain the basement
  • Reinforced materials ensure durability
  • Very easy to install
  • Quiet operation


  • Can only be used indoors

Wayne’s CDU790 is one of the best pumps to drain the basement, even though it can’t be used outdoors. We decided to include it in the article because Peter Rossi used to have it in his basement and was positive about its performance. It is a powerful (4,600 GPM) pump with a durable coated steel motor housing and surprisingly quiet operation. What homeowners often do is purchase two pumps: Wayne’s for the basement and Superior Pump, or Green Expert for a hot tub and a basement backup.

Here’s a typical customer review from Amazon:

“I have 2 sump pumps in my basement to prevent flooding. I had issues with thermoplastic ones, but since I bought Wayne CDU790, everything is completely fine. It was easy to install, and the heavy-duty steel components held it together. Another good thing about it: it was so quiet I thought it wasn’t working!”

— Peter, CO

Where to Drain the Hot Tub Water

There is an ongoing discussion about whether it is safe to drain your pool or spa water in your lawn and plants. Our experience suggests that it should be okay as long as you follow the proper drainage process. The best thing to do is to check with your local law on what is the appropriate way to drain your hot tub. Generally, it’s safe to use your sanitary system connection. Here are the most important nuances to be aware of.

🧑‍🔬 Reduce the amount of chemicals in the water

If you don’t use a saltwater system and properly dechlorinate the water before draining, you can discharge your hot tub in your lawn with no risk to your plants.

Be aware of local ecosystems

Never drain your hot tub in a stream, a river, or a lake, as it might do serious damage to the local ecosystem. It is also very likely to be punishable by the local law.

🌊 Keep an eye on where the water flows 

Also, keep in mind that if you drain a hot tub with a sump pump, the water gets discharged very quickly. The soil will not be able to keep up with such a pace, so you need to make sure that the water causes no damage to your surroundings.

If you would like to have a thorough checklist of everything you need to do before and after draining the water, feel free to check out the A to Z guide on how to empty a hot tub.


Draining a hot tub is very time-consuming, and every hot tub owner has to deal with it every 2 to 4 months. The only way to speed up the process is to get a sump pump for a hot tub. We explained how they work before recommending the 3 most reliable sump pumps that can empty your hot tub in minutes instead of hours.

If draining the hot tub is your only goal, we recommend sticking with a cheap, but reliable and well-tested Superior Pump. However, if you need to back up your basement pump or would like to have an automatic switch to make the use more convenient—EZ Travel Collection and Green Expert are solid options. If you also need a main basement pump that will prevent flooding even after the heaviest rain—Wayne CDU is our choice.

We hope this article will help you make the right decision and save you money and effort!


🏆 What Is the Best Submersible Pump for a Hot Tub?

Superior Pump 91250 is the cheapest and most versatile option. If you only need a sump pump to drain a hot tub—this is the best option for you. If you need to back up your basement pump—EZ Travel Collection is a more powerful option, while Green Expert can be slightly more convenient to use.

🕒 How Long Does It Take To Drain a Hot Tub With a Sump Pump?

Depends on the size of the hot tub, but not more than an hour, regardless of which sump pump model you choose. An average-sized hot tub holds 400 gallons of water, so even the not-so-powerful Green Expert pump (it drains approximately 20 gallons per minute) can empty it in less than 30 minutes.

🌳 Can I Drain the Hot Tub Water in My Yard?

If you properly dechlorinate the water—yes. Follow the instructions from the hot tub drainage guide to ensure the safety of your plants and property.

🧐 How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Basement and hot tub sump pumps use the same principle of operation: the electrical motor spins the rotating blade, which creates a suction that allows you to drain the water. You can learn more about the principle of operation in this section.

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