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AquaRest Spas: 6 Problems and Ways to Solve Them

Do you want to buy AquaRest spa? Learn about the 6 most common problems that can happen to your spa. Bonus: we advise on how these problems can be solved.
AquaRest Spas

Usually, when people search for information about a hot tub manufacturer, the Internet offers them articles only about the popular product of that brand or articles about how cool this manufacturer is. But the problems of AquaRest spa are as important as its advantages. 

Want to know which hot tub is the best? In An Engineer’s Review AquaRest Spas we interviewed 2 service engineers, analyzed 650 customer reviews, interviewed 12 customers to get the best hot tub model. So you can learn absolutely everything about a spa that will make you happy (and 5 cons that may confuse you).

If you are interested in information about the AquaRest Spa problems that can make your vacation difficult, then this article is for you. We’ve highlighted the issues you should be aware of and found the best solutions for them.

In the end, you will find out if AquaRest spa problems can spoil your vacation or not.

Who are AquaRest Spas?

If you want to buy or already have a home spa, then you have heard about the AquaRest Spas company. This is a well-known manufacturer of hot tubs and accessories for them, located in Lake Mary, Florida. They have been leading the spa industry in the innovation and creation of rotationally molded spas since 1997. 

2-Person Hot Tub AquaRest Spa Select 300
2-Person Hot Tub AquaRest Spa Select 300

Brief facts to get to know the AquaRest SPA manufacturer:

  • AquaRest Spas use medium-density polyethylene and durable thermal plastic that does not deteriorate and allows made a comfortable spa without heavy fillers. 
  • At the factory, each spa undergoes rigorous 24-hour water testing to ensure it meets quality standards. 
  • AquaRest Spas can be used year-round thanks to the full foam insulation and a vinyl thermal coating that retains warmth and low running costs.
  • The company cares about the environmental situation. Production and all AquaRest Spas stores are located in the USA, so carbon dioxide emissions into the air are minimal because there is no need to transport materials from other parts of the world. The rotational molding manufacturing process uses 100% recyclable input material to reduce manufacturing waste.
  • All spas meet CEC (California Energy Commission) and strict energy efficiency standards. This means that the lighting products in spas are tested in an accredited laboratory and test reports are submitted directly to the CEC. 
  • The AquaRest hot tub insulation and cover are designed to retain heat, reducing the energy required to maintain water temperature.
If you are looking for a spa for yourself, but do not know what to focus on, then we have prepared for you a detailed article about the cost of a jacuzzi in 2022 and everything you need to know about it.

“We believe that owning a spa should relieve stress, not add to it” this is what AquaRest Spa claims on its official website. However, is everything as perfect as the company says it is?

So, if you are interested in AquaRest in particular, then be prepared for the fact that…

AquaRest spa’s 6 problems & how to avoid them

Accessories are sold separately and at a rather high price

When you buy a hot tub, your main goal is relaxation. And quite often it depends on small trinkets, the absence of which can complicate the process. We are talking about special accessories that will have to be purchased separately. 

For example, most likely, you will need steps, which on the official website cost from 120 to 285 dollars. Also, we have done the research and selected the 5 Best Hot Tub Stairs, where you can find a detailed review of each model.

Separately, you can buy neck pillows (because AquaRest spa does not have built-in ones), a drink holder (if you want to relax to the maximum), and about 30+ Greatest Hot Tub Accessories You Must Try in 2022.

Three-piece set: storage step and two planters for AquaRest Spa
Three-piece set: storage step and two planters for AquaRest Spa

There are only three colors in the range

“Is that a problem?” you ask. Yes, if you carefully approach the arrangement of your home.

The manufacturer offers only three colors: Brownstone, Graystone, and Keystone for each of the spa models. Sometimes this is quite enough for an ordinary yard, but if you carefully created the design of your home, consulted with professionals, created a project, selected materials of specific colors, and according to the project, only a white jacuzzi fits best in your yard, then AquaRest is not your option. 

AquaRest also does not use wood in its jacuzzis, they use durable artificial materials, such as medium-density polyethylene. Therefore, if you want a jacuzzi with wooden elements, AquaRest Spas is again not suitable for you. 

AquaRest Spas color options
AquaRest Spas color options

Take care in advance about how the jacuzzi will fit into your interior. AquaRest spa colors are neutral, so you can complement the hot tub with accessories of the color you need. For example, to protect the hot tub from the sun, you can buy an umbrella or cover. Also, the place of rest can be decorated with plants in colored pots. There are a lot of options, you just need to turn on your imagination.

There are no round models

Looking for the perfect round hot tub? Unfortunately, you will have to turn to another brand, because it is impossible to find a round hot tub AquaRest. They are usually triangular or square. The good news is that the manufacturer offers quite functional models both for two people and for a company of six people.

In triangular spas the seats only face one direction, so you should think carefully about the location and the view you would like to enjoy.
Waterfall of AquaRest Spas Premium 500
Waterfall of AquaRest Spas Premium 500

Some functions may not be convenient enough

For example, some reviews claim that the 12-foot cord is too short to use. Of course, this does not directly affect the pleasure of swimming in a hot jacuzzi, however, if you chose a specific place in your yard and the cord turned out to be too short, the rest will start a little later, because you will have to look for an extension cord or change the location of the bathtub. 

In the article How to Pick & Prepare a Place for a Hot Tub (Outdoors, Indoors), we covered all the details you need to know about a place for your hot tub.

In addition, in some models, the waterfall function is quite loud when running at maximum. To solve this problem, you can buy floating speakers, so the sounds will come straight out of the water, and you will hear them. Waterproof speakers are often equipped with lights, adding to the personalized experience.

2-Speed Pump Cord
2-Speed Pump Cord

Additional costs if you live in too cold regions

If you live in a very cold region (where temperatures often fall below 0°F), you will most likely need to change the heater from 120V to 240V with the installation of a special electrical service. First, only a certified electrician can do this. It is better not to do this yourself (only if you are not an electronics guru or have done it before) because you could get an electric shock and damage your hot tub. Secondly, additional costs for materials and work of the master will be more than $400.

Keep in mind, that you can change 120V to 240V only in Premium version models. In the Engineer’s Review, you can read the most detailed expert opinion of the Select and Premium versions of AquaRest spa.

Stainless steel jets are not stainless steel

To be precise, the jets have only a stainless steel case, but the rest is plastic. The good news is that rest is not affected. Most hot tubs (including premium quality ones) have plastic jets with a stainless case. You’re unlikely to notice much of a difference between all-stainless steel injectors and those with only the body being stainless. 

Where exactly these jets are located is much more important than what material they are made of. They should be located under muscle groups so that your rest is as useful as possible for your body. What good are all-stainless jets if they don’t relax your body? AquaRest spa jets are located correctly. So the manufacturer should just state in the marketing brochure that the jets only have a stainless steel body.

Our verdict

So, what will be the answer to the main question of the article: is it worth buying AquaRest spa despite all the problems?

I think it’s worth it. This manufacturer researches the needs of customers, follows the rules of production, and does everything possible to create a high-quality product. All 6 points that we have highlighted are rather not problems, but simply important points that should be paid attention to. No item will spoil your vacation if you keep them in mind and use our tips.


So the problems of AquaRest spa that we found are: 

  • Expensive accessories 
  • Only 3 colors
  • No round models 
  • Some functions are limited
  • Extra cost to improve the model 
  • Nozzles are not fully stainless

It sounds very serious, but if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that all this does not interfere with a good rest. All 6 problems are solved quickly (most buyers will not even notice these 6 defects because the positive impression of the spa covers them). 

AquaRest Spas, as a fairly powerful manufacturer of jacuzzis in the US market, is definitely worth your attention. Now you know what problems, purely theoretically, can arise on the way to a perfect vacation. However, we are sure that just after purchasing and installing any AquaRest spa model (because it is very easy, and you can do it yourself) you will already be satisfied.


🔍 Who are AquaRest Spas, and what are they known for?

AquaRest Spas is an experienced and reliable manufacturer of hot tubs in the US market, which has been satisfying the needs of customers for more than 25 years. Their advantages: quality, environmental friendliness, availability. In the range, you will find hot tubs for two people as well as for a large group of people (up to six people).

🏆 Is AquaRest the best among jacuzzi manufacturers?

It is impossible to determine one winner among all brands because each of the premium manufacturers tries to make their product the best. But according to my team’s research, AquaRest Spas is on the top list of the best hot tub manufacturers and is the best choice among Small Hot Tubs and Corner Hot Tubs.

🛠 Does the AquaRest have problems that significantly affect use?

We can safely say that it is not. If you choose an AquaRest, then, in most cases, you will be satisfied with it. To avoid significant problems, you should read the information about the model you want to buy in detail and read the advice of experts.

🥇 Which AquaRest spa model is the best?

The manufacturer has excellent models in various categories. You can choose a triangular hot tub for two people, or a square one for six people. According to our research, the AquaRest 300 is the best of the models. Read our detailed review and understand why we say so.

🎀 Is it necessary to buy AquaRest spa accessories?

Everything depends only on you. For some people, just soaking in the rushing, hot water is enough. Other people want to use this rest to the maximum: together with music, headrests, and other accessories. We recommend purchasing steps (as there are no built-in ones).

❄ Is AquaRest spas suitable for cold regions?

Most customer reviews claim that AquaRest Spa behaves well even in cold temperatures. But If you live in a region, where temperatures often fall below 0°F, it would be better to change the heater from 120V to 240V with the installation of a special electrical service. (This is possible only in Premium versions, and it will cost you more than $400).

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